Any new grads being offered a sign on bonus?

  1. I've been offered two internship positions in the Dallas area. I think the pay is good for a new grad, but during my talk with HR, a sign on bonus was never mentioned. Is that something I should ask about or is it a given that if they didn't bring it up, then it doesn't exist?

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  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    Probably doesn't exist. Also be wary of places offering sign on bonuses. There is usually a catch and a reason.
  4. by   amf1987
    I heard in the houston area they are offering VW vehicles as a sign on bonus
  5. by   dazey71
    baylor offers sign on least they did for people when i started last year
  6. by   moncj66
    I know if you move to the rio grande area, they give sign-on bonuses of 5-10000, from what Ive heard. I dont know about houston though.
  7. by   foxyhill21
    I have not heard of any hosptials offering cars in houston, in houston park plaza is offering 5,000 sign on bonus and plano hospital in dallas is offering 5,000 sign on bonus. this was about a month ago, I dont no if it is still going on.
  8. by   tsheriff
    Bayshore Medical Center in Pasadena, TX (Houston) is offering a $10k sign-on bonus.
  9. by   foxyhill21
    1. medCare @ home in dfw area is offering 3,000 sign on bonus

    2. St. Joseph in bryan college station is offering 5,000 sob for telemetry RNs

    3.Las Colinas Medical Center (west of dallas) is offering 5,000 s.o.b for ICU and L&D nights

    4. Tomball regional hosptial (north of houston) is offering 3,000 s.o.b for main OR

    5. Fort Duncan regional medical center (eagle pass, texas) is offering 24,000 night and 20,000 day shift relocation and s.o.b
  10. by   AddyRN07
    If you are offered a sign on bonus, you usually have to sign a contract (for a year or two). I am getting a bonus with my job - but I will not spend that bonus until the contract is up because if I decide that is not the place or position for me and want to move jobs I would have to pay that bonus back. So keep that in mind.
  11. by   MOOSEMAN
    My last job paid $10,000 bonus plus relocation for a 1 year contract. If you left prior to completion of the year all money was prorated.
  12. by   MissRN07
    Rio Grande Area do offer $5,000-$10,000 sign on bonuses...but that goes along with a 2-3 year contract. and the money is given in bits and pieces..not all at once.

    like for example;

    1st 3months = $1000
    1st year= $1,500
    2nd year =$2,500
  13. by   Finallyat40
    don't offer sign on bonuses to new grads due to the cost of training that they will incur during the first year.....that could be by paying a preceptor, classroom time, etc. Typically, the sign ons are for experienced nurses. And yes, what someone said up above....if there's a huge sign on, there's usually a huge red flag attached!