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  1. I've been offered two internship positions in the Dallas area. I think the pay is good for a new grad, but during my talk with HR, a sign on bonus was never mentioned. Is that something I should ask about or is it a given that if they didn't bring i...
  2. sleepymom

    Confused about internships in Dallas area

    Thanks so much! See, I learned something new! :) I thought the only position a new grad could apply for was an internship! There are plenty of positions that I saw that only required a degree/diploma. Looks like I'll be busy submitting resumes today...
  3. sleepymom

    Are all Internships on night shift?

    Good question. I saw those posted at Baylor, right? I'm not a night person by any means. I really hope more positions become available. Seems that new grads are severely limited to what area they go into if all hospitals abide by the internship only...
  4. I'm currently in nursing school in Richmond Va, and I will graduate in May. Here, there are no mandatory interships. We can apply to any area we want. If we are to get hired, we basically have a preceptor that we work with for 8-12 weeks. Me and my ...
  5. sleepymom

    Would a RN in a non staff role care to answer some ?s :)

    Well, from what I gather, not a floor nurse. So supervisor/administrative or other roles that arent staff nurse roles would qualify. Candice
  6. I'm supposed to "interview" a registered nurse in a role that is not a staff role and ask the following questions. What education/experience was required for the role? What are the advantages/disadvantages of this role? Thank you in advance for yo...
  7. :)