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  1. moncj66

    Have you ever left the field?

    I don't think u have to leave the field entirely but find something outpatient. I was completely burned out on a med surg floor after 6 months and literally just quit one day. I was at the point of having panic attacks going into work so I had to quit..lol Then, I got a job doing laser hair removals with ideal image. Its not a common nursing speciality but i actually love it and glad i'm not on the floor. Just shop around and you will find something! The hospital isn't for everyone and its annoying that nursing school brainwashes everything into thinking we just HAVE to work in a hospital..lol
  2. moncj66

    COmplaint process

    yes, he is getting continuous feedings neocate 60ml/hr. It written on the paper mar but not in the computer chart?
  3. moncj66

    COmplaint process

    So, I never had a complaint filed against me during my three years of nursing until today. Supposedly, this patient mom said I didn't finish administering the baby feedings and it was held. So she called the case manager to file a complaint. I remember holding the feedings because the baby was fussy and gassy. I did not restart the feeding when I left but informed dad. Is this really a med error? The DON said it is and i have to make a statement tomorrow? Your thoughts.
  4. moncj66

    Is My Pay Really That Bad???

    yes, that is low. I don't know what the average rate is for your area but in houston the average is 31.75/hr. The cost of living isn't that high either! I would ask for more especially for a med surg unit!
  5. moncj66

    Scrubs for the slim

    I'm tall too (6ft) but definitely not very slim and I think urbane scrubs fit well. They offer longer inseams as well if u search for the urbane warehouse website.
  6. moncj66

    UTA FNP Taking two classes at a time

    Did u decide to switch to full time??? I'm very curious as well!
  7. I'm curious if its manageable to do UTA FNP online program full time while working full time. I work outpatient so its 8 to 5 every day but I don't have any children or any distractions. I've heard a lot of complaints about the program but most of them have multiple commitments so I'm curious if anyone is doing alright working full time and taking 2 classes at a time. I really don't want to go part-time for 5 years, thats way too long!!
  8. Just try to work in a private hospital. Now that I switched from a county hospital to a private one. I have less acute patients and more highly functional ones going through a rough spot in their lives. Pay is decent but the workload is higher. I usually average 8-11 pts so im definitely working harder now than when I was at the county but its still worth not having to tackle down patients and give multiple emergency meds!!
  9. moncj66

    Is floor nursing making you fat?

    Nurses tend to have terrible diets which is the main culprit of weight gain. I see all the high calorie sweets and fast food they eat and choose NOT to eat it. Bring your own food or eat healthy snacks throughout the day. I usually snack on carrots, greek yogurt, oranges, boiled eggs, edamame, string cheese, crackers, and nuts. Once you been eating healthy food for a while, u don't even want junk food anymore.
  10. moncj66

    Eagle Pass update

    Yes, there is border violence but most of that mess stays in nuevo laredo. I wouldn't recommend crossing the border but its pretty safe on the US side. I used to live in laredo for almost two years and never felt unsafe. I say go if your desperate for work
  11. moncj66

    Baylor June 2013 Internship for not so new nurse

    Oh ok. Well, maybe there will be another hiring fair because he is still conducting phone interviews up until today. I'm trying to find someone who knows about the hiring fair. I'll update if I get some info!
  12. moncj66

    Baylor June 2013 Internship for not so new nurse

    Are u applying for the GN internship or an internship for RNs with experience? I applied to the GN Internship even though i have some experience
  13. moncj66

    Baylor June 2013 Internship for not so new nurse

    Oh ok.. well I guess i still need to wait. Yes, it was for med-surg. He asked if i would be interested in diabetic med surg and would forward my file to the manager there. Not sure if there is more than one med surg floor and I also don't know what location he was talking about. I asked for dallas main, plano, or irving.
  14. moncj66

    Baylor June 2013 Internship for not so new nurse

    When did you have your phone interview? I just had mine this week but haven't heard anything since.
  15. moncj66

    Baylor June 2013 Internship for not so new nurse

    I just had a phone interview on tuesday. He sounded positive so hopefully I get to the next round.
  16. moncj66

    No Luck

    Well, if you don't want to leave California, you need to expand your search. Try schools, dialysis clinics, home care, government immunization clinics, or ltc. I don't think 20 nursing homes and 5 hospitals is a lot of applications. You need to try harder.