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GN positions posted earlier this week. Has anyone heard anything yet???


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Still says application received. Do we send in letter of recs now or wait until requested?


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I believe when you are contacted about the interview, is when you have your references/essay/portfolio ready.


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I applied on the 5th to multiple ER residencies.I looked at the status of my applications and it said "application in review". Did you guys get the link for the questionnaire already?


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I have a few in "Application in review process" as well. I have not received any questionnaire links yet.


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Yes, I applied to several OB related positions on March 5 as well and received the online assessment last night. Most of my submission status are still at "application received" but I also have 2 that say "application in review," and 1 that says "forwarded to hiring manager." Keeping my fingers and toes crossed! I graduated in December, passed NCLEX, and now it's just the waiting game for a job.

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Hi everyone. I applied & received an email about filling out a questionnaire. Does anyone know what comes next ?


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I guess the next stage is waiting for a call or email.I went online to see if they posted anything else and they actually took them down.I think only a couple are still posted.


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I filled out the questionnaire. A few of mine still say application received. One of my ICU ones say "not selected for interview".


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I applied for Med Surg/Ortho and haven't heard anything at all! Application status still says "application in review", and I don't believe I have received the questionnaire you are talking about. I applied Feb 20th!

Any one heard anything about the Med Surg one?

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Typically you get an assessment questionnarie via email when you initially apply for any position within the THR family (so, if you have previously applied for any PCT positions then you've likely already filled out one of these questionnaires and will not be expected to do so a second time). Watch your statuses... they will go from "Application Received" to "Application Under Review", "Forwarded to Hiring Manager", "Interview to be Scheduled", "Interviewing" once you've been contacted for an interview, "Not Selected for Interview", "Filled" if a position is no longer available, etc. Some statuses will change rather quickly, and some will stay the same for-ev-er!!

Make sure you are checking your email regularly (the one used when you established your THR Careers account), and keeping your phone close by. Some recruiters will call you while others will email you about setting up interviews.

Good Luck to each of you!! I hope we all get the job of our dreams! :)


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I applied March 4th. The status for mine remained application received until today. Today I got the questionnaires, and the status changed to "Considering".