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  1. The Dreamer

    Passed in 75, Not many SATA Q's

    I honestly do not know how many questions I had to endure while taking the NCLEX because I forced myself to stop paying attention. However, it was somewhere between 110-125, and I have no doubt that I ended up going over 75 because I was too concerned with what type of questions I was getting. By question 30ish I had only received 5 SATAs and nothing else. I had a brief mental breakdown at that point and completely psyched myself out. I just KNEW I was going to fail because I wasn't getting hardly any alternate format questions (all I could hear in my mind were the stats of those who had already passed and "over half of their exam was SATA"). I think at that point I probably started getting some questions wrong and got a little too lost in the panic. I forced myself to take my hand off of the mouse, close my eyes, and I prayed/thought encouraging and positive thoughts for several minutes. Once I got it in my head that ANY question could be an upper level question I was able to focus strictly on answering each question the best I could. In the end I had around 16-17 SATAs, one drag and drop, a picture (not a hotspot), and two dosage calculations. And guess what?! I passed!!! So don't get caught up in what kind of questions you're getting; just focus on each question as they appear and do your best to answer each one correctly. Don't try to guess whether or not you got that question right/wrong based on what kind of question the computer gives you next or you will risk psyching yourself out and possibly costing yourself the exam.
  2. The Dreamer

    Hurst QReview tests

    Somewhere in the Hurst Review information (maybe it was in the 5th Day Materials), it said they polled the December 2011 GNs who used their program, and the average Q-Review scores for GNs who passed NCLEX the FIRST TIME was 68% (85/125). Also, several of my classmates have already taken and passed the NCLEX, and their Hurst Q-Review scores ranged from 66%-76% (with the majority of the scores hovering right at 7o%-72%), so I think your scores are great!!!
  3. The Dreamer

    ATT's anyone?????

    Visit the BON website here: https://www.bon.texas.gov/olv/applstatus.html Enter your information, and select "RN Student", and the next screen will provide information as to your Graduation of Affidavit status, Criminal Background Check status, Jurisprudence Exam status, and when you registered with Pearson Vue.
  4. The Dreamer

    ATT's anyone?????

    We had pinning on May 9th, graduation on May 10th; Affidavits of Graduation went up on the BON's site on Friday, but still no ATT. I'm getting anxious!
  5. The Dreamer

    Tarrant County Fall 2011 Applicants

    WE DID IT!! :) Congratulations to the Fall 2011-Spring 2013 graduating class! I wish you all much success in your future careers. I know y'all are going to make some of thei most amazing nurses around!
  6. The Dreamer

    NCLEX Questions

    B, because it would likely cause a hematoma and a pool of blood in the scalp. At least that's my "educated guess".
  7. The Dreamer

    Texas Health Resources Residency July 2013

    I received two offers, and am thrilled to be joining the Oncology Unit at HEB! I can't wait for July 22nd to be here!! :) Wishing the rest of you lots of luck during this stressful process!
  8. The Dreamer

    Texas Health Resources Residency July 2013

    Congratulations!! What position are you interviewing for?
  9. The Dreamer

    Texas Health Resources Residency July 2013

    Yes, you can and should apply if you are graduating in May. But I believe the application period for THR has already passed. I know the last time I checked there were only 6 or 7 positions still posted.
  10. The Dreamer

    Nclex this morning with good pop up

    I have a feeling I'll be the same... I know the PVT really does work, but when it's my turn I'm sure I'll want that license # posted on the BON before I will allow myself to believe it. Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear your study techniques!
  11. The Dreamer


    Congratulations!! You should be very proud of yourself!
  12. The Dreamer

    Parkland Critical Care and Trauma Internship 2013

    That would've been nice to know... I've called three times over the past several weeks to see when GN residency positions would be posted. Not once was I told about the paper applications. Argh!!! Looks like I'll be making a trip to Dallas next week.
  13. The Dreamer

    Texas Health Resources Residency July 2013

    Typically you get an assessment questionnarie via email when you initially apply for any position within the THR family (so, if you have previously applied for any PCT positions then you've likely already filled out one of these questionnaires and will not be expected to do so a second time). Watch your statuses... they will go from "Application Received" to "Application Under Review", "Forwarded to Hiring Manager", "Interview to be Scheduled", "Interviewing" once you've been contacted for an interview, "Not Selected for Interview", "Filled" if a position is no longer available, etc. Some statuses will change rather quickly, and some will stay the same for-ev-er!! Make sure you are checking your email regularly (the one used when you established your THR Careers account), and keeping your phone close by. Some recruiters will call you while others will email you about setting up interviews. Good Luck to each of you!! I hope we all get the job of our dreams! :)
  14. The Dreamer

    Tarrant County Fall 2011 Applicants

    I can't believe it either. It's been a heck of a ride so far. :) I have lecture on Mondays from 8am-11:50am and clinicals on Tuesdays at HEB.
  15. The Dreamer

    Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    I got the Littmann Classic II SE and I love it! As far as I know, the Cardiology steth is more specialized towards that field and makes it a bit easier to hear the specifics of the heartbeat. It's also a bit more expensive as well. Most of my fellow classmates have either the Classic II SE or the Lightweight.
  16. The Dreamer

    Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    I have the Littmann Classic II SE and I LOVE it! I ordered it in purple, but it is a very deep purple that actually looks royal blue in the wrong kind of light. I would've gotten a teal steth if I had known the purple was going to be so dark. Oh well. I still love it!