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  1. blueorchid981

    Just finished my first semester. Ask me anything.

    Congrats! This is a great thread, thank you!
  2. blueorchid981


    Last year as a new grad, I didn't have any luck getting an interview in Texas. This year, with Some ICU experience but less than a year, I got many phone calls. I applied around December/January. Many phone calls from Houston hospitals, only a few from Dallas. I got hired in Houston. Many experienced nurses (ranged from 6 months to 10 years) were in my orientation class and quite a few from out of state -- plus we got relocation bonuses. The need is out there :)
  3. blueorchid981


    When do we get the fast pass in the mail? My temp license number is up but status says being processed.
  4. blueorchid981

    Amiodarone drip and IV Metoprolol

    Are these safe to give together? If HR has been sustaining in 140s all day, stable BP and doctor orders IV metoprolol to be given while on the amiodarone gtt, is it safe or could it send them into cardiac arrest?
  5. blueorchid981

    Leaving after 6 months

    I sent my resignation letter and all she replied was I am required to give 4 weeks which I unfortunately cannot give. So I probably won't be eligible for re-hire which may not matter. Or they may give a bad reference...
  6. blueorchid981

    Leaving after 6 months

    I am a new nurse and have been in my position for 6 months. Though I've worked as a tech there since 2011. It was my first RN job offer and I took it. I had been applying out of state as a new grad and had no luck. So I took the job. I was going to stay for at least a year but things changed. My significant other found a job in a different state. And I found an amazing opportunity in the state we want to live in as well. I feel bad because I'm a new grad and they spent a lot of time and money on me. Although, the work environment isn't the greatest and turn over rate is high. Several people have left while I've been here. Which makes it harder bc their staffing situation will be worse. But I already don't feel comfortable bc their staffing is never adequate, sometimes I'm one of the more experienced nurses on that night, and my license is at risk because of that. They require 4 weeks notice but I have to give only 3 weeks, because of the move and new job start date. Is this going to look bad? I feel terrible for leaving, but it's what will be best for me and my career/life.
  7. blueorchid981

    Memorial Hermann

    I got the job and will be moving to Houston in a few short weeks! :) I'm thinking Camden Oak Crest or Creekstone apartments. I think both are in good areas and close to the hospital.
  8. blueorchid981

    can you apply even if you don't meet the "requirement"

    I got many calls when I applied for positions that required 1 year and recommend 2 years. I only have 6 months RN experience. I got one of the jobs!
  9. blueorchid981

    Texas license - compact state

    I currently live in a compact state and have a license here - primary residence. I'm planning to move to Texas permanently and want to apply for a license. I don't have a Texas address yet. What do I put as my primary residence? I've read that it you put a different compact state as your residence, you can't apply for a Texas license. I just don't want to put the wrong thing down on my application and be ineligible. Thanks.
  10. blueorchid981

    MD Anderson Residency Program Spring 2014

    Got an interview with HR a couple weeks ago. They said last day to apply is jan 24. And they won't be making panel interview invites until after feb 10th. Only 4 positions available this round.
  11. blueorchid981

    Memorial Hermann

  12. blueorchid981

    Memorial Hermann

    I have 9 months of ICU experience. BSN. The recruiter that contacted me offered an interview with the ICU at the memorial city location. They said starting pay is $26 for RN 1, $27 possible with my experience. They said relocation assistance is available but didn't say how much yet. I am concerned with the area itself, sounds like traffic is terrible and rent is high. The hospital looks large and nice from the outside. Thanks for the information, if you have anything else to add, I would appreciate it!
  13. blueorchid981

    Memorial Hermann

    I am looking to relocate to Texas in a few months, but not very familiar with the Houston area. Looking to get more information about Memorial Hermann (specifically Memorial City) : is it a good place to work and is it in a good area of town, traffic? How much is housing (1-2 bedroom apt)? How much do they offer for relocation assistance? Any other information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  14. blueorchid981

    MD Anderson Cancer Center RN OR Residency Sept. 2013

    Did anyone get hired for the residency? Do you like the hospital, which shift are you on and starting pay?
  15. blueorchid981

    Ativan vials -forgot to scan

    So my pt has frequent seizures and gets Ativan each time. I gave 5 doses overnight. Two times I forgot to scan the vial, once I was down in CT w the pt and the other time mainly because I wanted to give it right away while he was seizing. I threw the vials away without thinking. The system lets me input "unable to scan barcode" and I put reasons for each time. All was wasted appropriately. Can I still be audited for not scanning the vial the right way?