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takn nclex tomorrow

by dwatson14 dwatson14 (New) New

Taking nclex tomorrow I think ive prepared as much as I can. Don't want to over do it today. Thinking of just listening to a couple of hurst videos(maternity/cardic) then take it easy. Anybody have advice?

Just want to wish you best of luck. Stay positive.

Just want to wish you best of luck. Stay positive.

Thanks alot!

Good luck on your exam, let's us know how it went. :up:

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best of luck! i take mine on thursday for what will hopefully be my first and only attempt.

im getting that weird stomach feeling.

and that reaction where i can remember everything i don't need to for a particular question but miss a key word like "EXCEPT..." lol

cheers to no more brain farts :-)


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I test tomorrow morning. Good luck!!

Good luck tomorrow, I am also taking the NCLEX-RN tomorrow, we can do it :)

Good luck to everyone and don't forget to pray.

Good luck everyone! I go in at 2 this afternoon, I am about to jump out of my skin I am so anxious :)

Good Luck! Keep us posted. Lastly, keep calm and be confident!!

Ok so finished with 90 questions got the pop up. I feel like it was alot easier than kaplan. Has anyone got pop up n failed?

Hi,I was taking PN this morning. Finsihed all 205 questions. Got pop up, didnt go to credit card infomation page.

I finished all the questions!!!Is that mean I still pass the exam?

Congrats guys :up:, I got 75 Q's done in 1hr with "good pop up" as soon as I left the building (and every hour after that lol :) ) Keeping calm and ready to celebrate once my name and license number show up on the BON :yes:

coCONGRATULATIONS ! enjoy your day.it is your big day today. please tell us wt review you took it and wt was you score ? how u planned your study.

I took mine at 2, 75 questions and good pop up.

Congratulations for all those who pass.