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  1. cherribonbon

    Second time and I got the good pop up!!!

    How many hours per day did you study?
  2. cherribonbon

    Passed NCLEX after graduating in 2010!

    Congratulations!!! Do you think that nclex 3500 questions are similar to the actual nclex?
  3. cherribonbon

    RN to BSN in Puerto Rico

    I think you might be asking about Universidad del Sagrado Corazon. It's not a month only. It's an accelerated nursing program compiled into several semesters. I actually took a couple of those classes with them. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the online classes are offered in English and others are in Spanish Also you would have to travel to Puerto Rico for about 3 weeks to do the clinical rotations. If you need more info I would be happy to tell you, ask away. As for the nursing program offered by that particular university is CRAPPY and You wouldn't learn absolutely NOTHING!!! (just my personal opinion)
  4. cherribonbon

    Nurses who have passed the NCLEX-Please help me!

    Hi neliztanee, Wow i admire you for doing 300 questions a day. I barely can go through 150 a day. How many weeks or months did you take to prepare? What resources did you use?
  5. cherribonbon

    I can't even pass the NCLEX what more today!? (April changes)

    The quick facts is not enough to help you pass, It only cover certain things. But overall its a good tool.
  6. cherribonbon

    NCLEX RN 3/29

    Main Menu - NCLEX-RN 3500 - Institutional Version
  7. cherribonbon

    NCLEX RN 3/29

    Hi brittanyka28, How long did you study for? I'm also going to my second attempt for NCLEX and this time I'm using Hurst.
  8. cherribonbon

    Currently enrolled in kaplan QBank

    Hung, With how many questions did you pass??
  9. cherribonbon

    35 page review??

    You can find it here: https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/nclex-study-guide-622449.html
  10. cherribonbon

    which STDs are reportable????

  11. cherribonbon

    Any African in USA who will be taking nclex

    hey Im not from Africa, But I'll study with you if you're interested. my test is in exactly 10 days.
  12. cherribonbon

    March exam

    Good Luck!!
  13. cherribonbon

    Nclex on Monday

    You got this!!! Good Luck!!
  14. cherribonbon

    NCLEX in 5 Days!!

    Stay positive, Pray, pray hard!!!! And good luck.
  15. cherribonbon

    March exam

    Good luck. when is your exam date?
  16. cherribonbon

    How many December grads will be taking NCLEX soon?

    Im taking it on march 18. I'm a little nervous being that i don't know what to expect.