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  1. kemifair

    NSLIJ interview

    HI Everyone, I wanted to know if any interviewed at northshore. I want to know the questions that they ask for the phone interview and the in person interview.
  2. kemifair

    NSLIJ interview

    Hi everyone I want to know if any had a interview at northshore I just want to know what they usually ask.
  3. kemifair

    LIJ Update Question

    Phone interview
  4. kemifair

    LIJ Update Question

    Hey tousssint. I would like to know what do they ask in the interviews because I have one soon and I want to be prepared.
  5. kemifair

    NSLIJ Emergency Dept. Fellowship-January 2015

    I have been applying to lij since last year and no calls. Their system is very weird and it takes months before u start the job.
  6. kemifair

    Can't Shake Off Rude Patient

    I was a CNA for 11 years and I come across residents like that but you have to know how to deal with them because running to the supervisor is not going to cut it. Some residents don't like new workers because they feel that they will not get the same care because you are new. Hang in there it will get better.
  7. kemifair

    I must be doing it wrong- 7 months and counting

    Same here almost a year and no job yet. U applied everywhere I don't know what else to do.
  8. Ob is my speciality but its best to start out with med/surg for some experience. That what I was told to get your skills down pack.
  9. kemifair

    NorthShore LIJ fellowship

    I have been trying to get into northshore since march and no good results.
  10. kemifair

    How to got your foot in the door?

    Same here since march, only one interview and I don't know what else to do.
  11. kemifair

    Some info from CNAs in New York

    I went to greystone staffing in long island but they no longer have a healthcare area. That was 2003 and I received 12/hour that time.
  12. kemifair

    Some info from CNAs in New York

    Well I have been a cna for 8 years, it took me about 6 months to receive a job in the nursing home then I went through an agency. My salary was $15/hour, now its $16.25
  13. kemifair

    NYP New grad position

  14. kemifair

    New Grads how is your job search going?

  15. kemifair

    New Grads how is your job search going?

    Not good I passed nclex in march and no job yet.
  16. kemifair

    How long did it take you to land your first job?

    Congratulations to everyone, I passed nclex in march and so far no job yet.