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Neonatal and Pediatric ICU Nurse
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JmeinRN specializes in Neonatal and Pediatric ICU Nurse.

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  1. JmeinRN

    Kaplan readiness exam

    I got a 61% on my readiness test, passed 1st time with 75q.
  2. JmeinRN

    Need some Kaplan guidance!

    I loved Kaplan, but I didn't personally use the decision tree. I used qbanks/rationales and content videos.
  3. JmeinRN

    Kaplan Code

    I found one on retailmenot.com I saved $120 on my online live anywhere class.
  4. JmeinRN

    Still in Shock!

    All I did was qtrainers 1-7, Samples 1-4, readiness and diagnostic and a few from the qbank in areas I was weak in.
  5. JmeinRN

    Took the NCLEX today. I can't breathe!

    They say it's most accurate after 24hrs, but it was right for me right away.
  6. Trick worked for me!!
  7. JmeinRN

    op.nysed.gov exam result

    Did you try to look up your name using your ssn and birthdate? That's how I saw mine before I even checked quick results.
  8. JmeinRN

    Still in Shock!

    I waited a week after I finshed the 4 day online live review, but that was because I hadn't really studied or done any qbanks except the diagnostic. I got a 63% on the diagnostic and that was my highest score of all tests so I was definitely scared! I can't tell you when your ready but make sure you feel comfortable with labs, content, procedures and go from there. Good luck!! i was also really nervous to because I had a PICU internship I was afraid to lose if I failed.
  9. JmeinRN

    Still in Shock!

    I really enjoyed reading success stories so I wanted to share mine! I took my RN boards on January 6th and just found out today I passed! Talk about dreams coming true!!! This is was my first attempt, I passed with 75 questions. I strictly used Kaplan and studied for about a week and half solid (I graduated in December). I did roughly 2000 questions and rationales. My scores weren't the greatest, I ranged from 53%~63% mostly mid/high 50's. I also kept track of the areas of content I was weak in and buffed up on those from the Kaplan book as well as read over procedures. I think content is extremely important for this test!! I personally hardly used the decision tree, but it was nice to have and use if I really needed it. My school was really tough (top 4 school in Texas and it was only a ADN program). I felt they really prepared me and at times I wasn't sure I was even going to survive to graduation. We used Hesi as indicators, I got a 1012 in my exit hesi. I was so nervous before I tested but as I was walking up to the testing center this calm came over me and I never looked back! I prayed a lot, cried a lot, stressed a lot. Still surreal! I left the test feeling okay, which really scared me. However, at times during the test I was like this is impossible - so don't get me wrong this test was not easy. Do not second guess yourself I did that a lot in my studies and saw how much it hurt my scores. I had a ton of SATA - honestly I lost track on exactly how many! I practiced a lot on these and I thought the Nclex was more straight forward then Kaplan. So I feel like Kaplan over prepared me which was what I was hoping for. Sorry for for the book, but I know felt better after reading other peoples stories! Good luck and congrats to everyone, I have faith you all can do it! jmein RN
  10. JmeinRN

    Taking NCLEX Jan 7th

    Just wanted to update you I checked before 48hrs on my BON site by using my social security number/birthdate and there it was my beautiful RN license! I still can't believe it :-)
  11. JmeinRN

    Taking NCLEX Jan 7th

    I'm still waiting too! Im 45 hours post so I'm sure these last 3 hours will drag!!
  12. JmeinRN

    Nclex exam difficulty level of questions

    I believe it is the good pop up or at least I'm hoping so because that's the pop up I got. I am 32 hours post test.
  13. JmeinRN

    Hurry up and wait

    24 more hours in my wait, going crazy!
  14. JmeinRN


    Yes, you can dual license if your state allows it. I will be dual licensing, because I busted my butt to earn both :)
  15. JmeinRN

    Passing the Nclex with only 75 question

    I'm 24 hours out, mine stopped at 75q. I just got the good pop-up. Keeping fingers crossed for both of us. I got 2 ekg strip, fetal heart monitor strip, at least 20+ SATA, 1 drag n drop, 3 math calculations and lots of priorities (best, essential, pritority) questions.