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Taking NCLEX-RN - March 3, 2009


Hi Guys,

Im taking NCLEX RN this coming March 3, 2009 and I use Kaplan for my practice test esp Qbank and I range from 53 to 78%, average score of 63-65%. I have used exam cram also after doing all the questions on Kaplan. I use saunders for reference.

Im really nervous. D'you think guys I use the right materials? And that I'll be able to make it? I hope its not suicide.:cry:


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It sounds like you are as ready as you can be. Try to relax, take your time with each question, use your Kaplan strategies when you have to choose an answer you're not sure about. Expect to walk out feeling that you did a terrible job, and then be thrilled when you pass! I was able to get my results from my state board of nursing a day before Pearson was available, that saved me 24 hours of intense anxiety. Go to your BON website and search your name to see if a license has been assigned to you - it's pretty awesome to see your name with a license number next to it! Good Luck!

Hey edward cullen! =) Dont fret. I used the Kaplan strategy book (not from the actual class, but just the ones you get from Borders or Barnes and Noble) and Saunders as my reference. I passed the NCLEX with just those two! They were really helpful. And Yeswecan is right, you seem ready to take the test. To tell you the truth, i've never gotten anything above 75% with my practice questions.lol. So, You will be just fine! Some of my friends went to ride the roller coaster on top of Stratosphere (i'm from Las Vegas =p) just to have a good final scream before the test. hahha. Im scared of heights, but if you're not, my friend highly suggested it. Good luck! you can do it!!!!!!!! Have faith in yourself and just pray! =) Remember that you survived nursing school, so you very well deserve to pass the NCLEX!!! :yeah:

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Good luck

I am wishing you all the luck in the world:D:D

Thank you guys. I really appreciate your words, it makes me feel as if I'm not alone and that I am understood.

Yeah, RaggamuffinRN, I did the exam on that book too, kaplan's strat wherein I got 78% on the 180 questions on the book and I got 79% on the 180 questions on the CD. I really pray that its a GOOD SIGN.

One thing I observed with my practice test with Kaplan is that I GET TIRED OF READING THE QUESTIONS especially on the Kaplan's strat because it has 180 items. I feel dizzy already and nauseated when I got 100 plus questions. Sometimes, I notice my self just picking the answer and not discriminating it at all.

Guys, pray for me. Im really nervous but I just have to hope for the best. God knows how much I prepared for the exam.

Thank you for the support. I really apreciate it.

BTW, my BON is Board of Registered Nursing - State of California.


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Just wishing you good luck. Go in there with the confidence that you completed and graduated from nursing school which is quite the accomplishment in itself. Have faith in yourself and take a break the day before your exam.

Fingers crossed.

I think you are well prepared and I say this b/c I used many of the same sources as you did (although I wasn't able to go through all the books as thororoughly as you mentioned you did). Your scores look positive and reflect that you understand the rationales . In addition to Yeswecan and RagamuffinRN, I'd like to suggest you take the earplugs when offered, so you can sit back and close your eyes for a few minutes to refocus if you get tired during the exam. This is what I did as I also had difficulty sitting through the long Q-Trainers. Another suggestion is to take a snack with you, so if you need a physical break away from the computer you will have some nourishment. One more thing, do whatever you need to do the day before to help you RELAX.

I took my test in CA and hope you will receive your results quickly. I will think good thoughts for you on Tuesday. Good luck!

Thanks Melinurse, yeah, I've got to believe that I can. I love you guys.

Hakuna Matata, I've sent you a profile message because I cant send a private message yet, I have to post at least 6 messages more for the completion of the required 15 messages.

God bless you.

To Hopeful and Realistic,

Thanks! Yeah, I really have trouble concentrating whenever Im already on 100+ questions. I feel like I'm suffocated - I'll do what you said for me to relax prior and during my examination plus bring my own snacks. I do believe that it would help me and replace my used glucose.

I haven't used Kaplan's Qtrainer. I only have purchased their Qbank because I dont have enough money for their complete program but It helped me a lot though. After I finished the QBank which contains 3000 questions - I answered all the questions on Exam Cram, NCLEX RN Practice Test. Then friday, I bought Kaplans Strat Book and answered the questions on it, then Saturday the one on the CD which I mentioned the score already on my previous post. I used that book as my exit exam so I hope that was a right decision.

What I acquired to kaplan which helped me really raised my scores were these "Assessment VS Implementation (These type of questions come out a lot to the Qbank) - Take note that Assessment shoud be attended first before Implementation except if its an emergency", "Answers that are anwerable by y/n should be eliminated on the options", then the rest strats are ABCs and Maslow's. In connection to Maslow's - know when it is physiological or psychological.

Just sharing it for those who are yet to take the exam. It might help you guys.


Guys, I have a question. What is the precaution used in a pt with pneumonia?

Im just confused coz there are types of pneumonia which are classified either Standard or Droplet depending on the etiology of microorganisms. It confuses me because what if the question presented is just PNEUMONIA so what the precaution is?

If its staph and pneumocystis carinii - standard

If its meningo - droplet

So what if its just PNEUMONIA? Im confused.

You used the same materials I used except your Qbank scores were quite a bit better and I passed. I used exam carm mostly for meds and other clarifications I needed. Good Luck

Hi Tide01, Thank you. I only have used Exam Cram's Practice Test not the Comprehensive Review. Hmmm... Thank you and Congratulation.

I just get done reviewing Infection control, Growth and development, and Prioritization today. Its 3:45 PM at our time in Indiana State. So I'm now relaxing and watching TV.

Tomorrow, that would be my rest day. I'm just going to relax and I hope I can have a good night sleep.

My exam is at 8am at Terre Haute, IN and its kinda 2 hours travel from the city where I live so I'll be getting up in bed like 3AM.

Is it okay to drink energy drink? I experimented today, I drink red bull to see its effect on me. And I took some of the test question on Kaplan's Qbank and I did pretty good. Well, maybe because I took all the questions already. LOL.

Thank you guys for all your support.


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