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  1. Hello all, Congrats on your journey and hard work. We are FINALLY at the mid finish line but there's still a lot of work to be done. From my understanding, the deadline for the Spring 2022 application is September 1st of 2021. Correct me if I'm...
  2. MDC Spring 2023

    MDC 2023 Spring Nursing
  3. MDC FALL 2022

    I don't see a post stated for the nursing program for fall 2022. Who all will be applying in fall, and will it be full-time, part-time? Did you take your TEAS?
  4. Hi, I just got accepted to the accelerated nursing program at MDC and I wanted to connect with the students that also applied or got accepted there (or even students that finished the program). Everything is welcome... advises, recommendations,...
  5. Good morning/night to all who are reading this, I created this post in the hopes that all applicants applying for the nursing program at Miami dade submit their experience they have had so far and also submit any questions they might have. I'm curren...
  6. Grisso

    MDC Fall 2019 Nursing

    Hello fellow students! I wanted to create a topic for those who are planning on starting the MDC Nursing program in the Fall of 2019. It's never too early to be well prepared. LOL. I have a B.A. and was able to get some of my credits transferred to t...
  7. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    To anyone out there.... I had planned to apply for Fall 2018 but I will be finishing my pre reqs on May 1,2018. The exact deadline to apply for Fall. Is anyone in a similar situation? Do you think I should apply anyways?
  8. Miami Dade/MDC Nursing Fall 2020

    Hey, guys I've realized there's been a change in the required entrance test, Its no longer the hesi but the teas??
  9. It's never too early to start the discussion.... Anyone else preparing to apply to the Nursing program at MDC by May 1, for a Fall 2021 start date? Which tracks? TEAS test plans?
  10. Miami-Dade College Nursing Fall 2020

    Even though its early I decided to create a forum. I see that they now want us to take the ATI TEAS instead of HESI A2. I heard that TEAS is more difficult than HESI A2, has anyone taken it yet??
  11. Nursing MDC 2018

    First semester cost for those other future students that are wondering what the cost is.... it's about $1500. They require you to buy a bag with several kits you'll need for nursing. Its about $128. Also, this is the same as other schools I've visite...
  12. Hi guys, I couldn’t find a thread for this semester so decided to start it since the deadline is pretty soon.
  13. Hello everyone, I thought I'd start this topic for us students applying at MDC Nursing for the Spring 2019 semester. There's an existing one but it's from 2017. So here's a little about me. I took my Hesi yesterday and I scored 80%. My Science GPA is...
  14. Fall 2018 Miami Dade College

    Starting this thread for anyone that have questions or concerns about the 2018 fall nursing program at Miami Dade College. I have a 4.0 science gpa and studying to take the hesi by the end of February. I also plan on applying for the generic full tim...