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I am in the same situation and expect that by the time they look at the application, my spring grades will be in. I have not complete the health course but hoping to complete a mini course before May.


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Adding new info as I get it..... ?

First semester cost for those other future students that are wondering what the cost is.... it's about $1500.

They require you to buy a bag with several kits you'll need for nursing. Its about $128.

Also, this is the same as other schools I've visited, however, for those of you that are curious.... failing 2 classes will get you out of the program. Also, if you fail one class you have to skip the next semester and ONLY take that 1 class and PASS in order to continue the program.

On registration day, they open at 8am. People were waiting there since 7am in line to ensure they got the classes they wanted (sequence 1 or 2). Make sure you get there early. Some people actually were able to register online, and some were not. I've seen some inquiries about what sequence 1 and 2 are. They give the left side of the room in orientation with one color paper (sequence 1) and the other side with another color paper (sequence 2). The sequences are different teachers and different times. Sequence 1 you get Thursday off (for now) and Sequence 2 I wasn't able to see. Its so that you have some choices of teachers and some options with times but regardless of which one you choose the schedule never overlaps.

The cost of the books is about $250.

Take Micro Lab AND Psychology before the start of the program. They have a Baptist Scholarship that requires these classes.

I made the mistake of not taking the classes since I didn't know about this program. Don't make the same mistake.

When you graduate, if you pass NCLEX within 6 months MDC (for now) will reimburse you $200! That's awesome encouragement

Oh! And try to keep your books because before you graduate (make sure to apply for graduation before your last semester starts or you won't be able to graduate regardless of passing your classes) you are required to take the HESI. It's basically confirming that you learned something before they release you. You need to pass it to graduate. If you give up your book you can't review

Also, starting Jan 2018 they will be breaking ground at the parking across the street to build a large parking garage for us! YEY! The bad this is that we don't know when it will be finished. I've decided to take the Metro Rail instead. There are three exits. Santa Clara you need to walk like 2 blocks. The Civic Center you'll need to walk through Jackson Memorial Hospital. CULMER exit is the way to go. Apparently, MDC has a trolley that takes you to MDC !!! The monthly student pass that is available at the bookstore is about $60. Parking if you will be parking at the station near your house is about $12.

They use pink scantrons. Sold at the bookstore for about $1.50 for. Make sure NOT to write your name on all of them. The professors asked that we not write our names on them.

Get your I.D at the medical campus. They give you a bonus thick hard plastic name tag that other campuses do not give. I learned this the hard way :(. But if you are a prior student, but your cover for about $2 at the bookstore. It's worth getting. It's very durable.

You don't need white shoes for school. Just use regular sneakers. You need white shoes for CLINICALS! You can wear a sweater in class but not in CLINICALS so use one of those Under Armor (white plain) shirts under your white clinical shirt.

Don't wait for the Fundamentals professor or any professor for that matter, to email you the syllabus until 2-3 days prior to the first day of school. Remember, they are on vacation too and everyone deserves a break! For Fundamentals, read chapters 1-7. For Pharmacology the syllabus said to read the first 3 chapters.

Don't forget to show a paid receipt of your schedule to get your Parking Decal. Take your ID and car registration too! Also, if you are on a payment plan, they will make you log in to your phone and show that you have a HOLD on your account for pmt Nelnet plan in order to get your tag.

Uniforms at Blue Angels are affordable. I bought mine at the bookstore, however, because the ones at Blue Angels (across from MDC) had a different shade of green on their bottoms than their top. I wasn't too fond of the look but it appears that there were quite a few students that purchased their uniforms there since you see them walking the halls with mismatched scrubs

I hope this helps everyone that is nervous and searching for answers. I wanted to pass the information along Good Luck everyone.

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OMG This is awesome Thank you so much

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I guess I will apply to I wont lose anything anyways....also did you take the hesi already? if so how is it?


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HESI book helps a lot. It wasn't bad honestly. Math and reading basic. Study the vocabulary. But focus on chemistry and anatomy. The questions are pretty simple. Some questions on the book were there.


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By the way.....Don't buy the elastic pants. They stretch out eventually and they also fall throughout the day. Get the drawstring pants BUT you NEED to buy drawstring locks (sold on Amazon for like $5 for 10 of them). In order to fit the drawstring through you'll need to cut the end (the thickest part) and push both of them through the hole. I made a small knot at the end to make sure the string wouldn't eventually unravel. Works amazing! Super comfortable! This is the way to go!

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I will be taking it in march and honestly my worst subject is chem...thanks for all the tip really hadn't seen anything like your posts


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School of Nursing Grading Scale:

Just so you guys are aware:

93-100% A

85-92% B

77-84% C

69-76% D

Below 69% F

Keep in mind that from what I've see , all Midterms and Finals are cumulative. You have tests in between that will usually only consist of the chapters you discussed between the last test but Midterms and Finals appear (and should obviously) be cumulative.


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Hi, I am new to this site. I would like the honest option from everyone. My science gpa is 3.0 because I goat C in A&P I & II in lecture, my hesitation score was 93. Do you think that I have a chance to be accepted?

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First your HESI score is awesome and it accounts for 60% of decision making.

Second GPA is OK you can try apply for both fall and spring that's what I would do. Sorry I don't have better advice