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  1. University Of Alabama FNP 2023

    If they continue to require the in person orientation, which I hope they do not..... I recommend staying at the Hampton Inn at 600 Harper Lee Drive Tuscaloosa AL. Great hotel! Was very clean and quiet. There is a great BBQ/Bar restaurant next door th...
  2. University Of Alabama FNP 2023

  3. University Of Alabama FNP 2023

    So you know, in the program.... your major exams in the class MUST average to 80%. If lets say you have 3 tests and the 3 average to 79% BUT you have quizzes and assignments that help you.....and at the end of the course you have an 85%, you DID NOT ...
  4. University Of Alabama FNP 2023

    I am beginning the FNP Online program this year Spring 2023. I haven't found a thread that gives any advice or information regarding the program so I thought I would post. I'll be. posting things as I go along. First thing is first. The FNP Full...
  5. University of Alabama

    Any feedback you can provide on the program? How are the online classes structured? Do the online courses have videos on the professor's teaching or is it kind of just learn on your own?
  6. Nursing MDC 2018

    Night shift. The best schedule is Sunday Monday Tuesday. Why? Because you can enjoy your Friday and Saturday, stay sleeping late on Sunday and maybe take a nap. MD's are already expecting to come to work on Monday so they are more reachable. You get ...
  7. Nursing MDC 2018

    wasn’t able to find them. Sorry
  8. Nursing MDC 2018

    I’ll send them to you tonight
  9. Nursing MDC 2018

    Here is the website for the reimbursement of $200 after passing your NCLEX:
  10. Nursing MDC 2018

    Update: 2020–> for fundies the professors will send you certain pages from the chapters they want to read. Not the entire chapters. I’m assuming it’s because of the NCLEX changes.
  11. Nursing MDC 2018

    I’m already a nurse. Been at a hospital for 6 months. So for example, one cohort may get Peds for....let’s say Sept-Oct, Psych for Oct-Nov and OB for Nov-Dec. Mine was actually Ob first, Psych and then lastly Peds and Commujity health is more like a ...
  12. Nursing MDC 2018

    For sure get the books! The only book I felt I didn't need and I didn't buy and still passed with an A was psych. The psych teachers are awesome and they explain really well. For OB and Peds read the chapters for sure! I did a lot of questions from t...
  13. Nursing MDC 2018

    full time for me was basically everyday. We don’t have classes everyday but we did have labs and our clinicals. I believe maybe we have one day off BUT then the following semester it was everyday. The third semester was the least stress. It’s the onl...
  14. Nursing MDC 2018

    It’s more the amount of options that are available. There are some hospitals that are more likely to hire a bachelors graduate such as UM and Baptist. It’s definitely up to you to find a job. that’s for sure!! Advisors can help you find a very compet...
  15. Nursing MDC 2018

    I did the HESI in MDC and did an 89