One of our kids sent snap chats to a few friends surrounded by pills and with his arms all cut up. The snap chat story said goodbye, and how he didn't want to live anymore, etc. The kids involved were devastated, one came to my office to throw up. We had an emergency meeting with the kids and called the police and his mom. No one knows where the kid is. He is 15.

I'm sick.


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How horrible! Sending prayers your way

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Oh, my goodness!! I am so sorry to hear this! Please let us know what they find out. Hugs and prayers!


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Ugh, this makes me so sad. Please keep us updated. Thoughts go out to everyone involved.

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I'm praying for you and this child. Our community went through a grueling ordeal over a 15 year old boy who jumped off a building into the quad area during lunchtime in 2012.


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Good for those kids that they told an adult about what the friend posted. I hope and pray that their friend is found and able to get the help he needs. Please keep us posted.

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This also makes me so sad and I feel sick reading it. I, too, am glad some of those kids reached out to an adult right away.

::hugs:: Farawyn. And good thoughts to that child that he is found, and to his family, friends, and community during the time that is to follow.

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I am so sorry. we have had three over the 21 years I have been here.

((gentle hugs))

I hope he is found before he completes his suicide, and gets the intervention he needs. All you can do is support the kids (and staff) and try to keep things as normal as possible. They need structure and routine. If they ask questions, answer what you can honestly but don't necessarily promote discussion and speculation. Until you have a final answer, you don't.

Feel free to PM me if you like

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Any word on your student? Did they find him??


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Yes. He was conscious when they found him, but high and bleeding. He was taken by the police/ambulance to a 24 hour hold at the hospital last night. He was released and in school today. He has been cutting, smoking pot, doing coke and also taking Xanax (buying on the street).We have Crisis Team meetings every Friday and discussed it today. He will be meeting with the Pysch and SW.

Lots of backlash on the kids who told on him- not only from the other kids in the school, but older "kids" in the neighborhood. There are a lot of drugs and poverty involved.

Bottom line is he is safe for now and will hopefully get some help.

Thank you all for your support. I really couldn't tell anyone but you. I work in MY TOWN, and I can't speak to anyone of this. My kids go to this school.

When I came on this morning and read what you all wrote my eyes teared up again. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for being here.

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I am glad he was found alive and overall today he is safe, but do you know why the 24hr was hold cut short? It seems to me that such a serious suicide threat and attempt should have some sort of inpatient stay rather than a quick hold and turn back into school. Then again i'm not there and and there is probably a lot of other factors going on.


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I think they tried to get a 72 hour hold, then a 24, and the mom was really against all this. CPS has been called as well. I don't know otherwise what the details were.