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successful becoming a RN as a young single mom?


So i have been reading up on becoming a nurse and more and more i read that nursing school will become your life and you won't have time for much of anything else. Well im a young mom,21, i had my son at 19 and have been financially unstable for the 2 years of his life. I have been stuck for the two years as i could not drive or get around and no money or car to help improve that issue. My dad finally helped me with a car and now im finishing up my driving lesson so i can start working etc. As excited as i am im beginning to worry (God forbid) that i won't be able to handle the work load and still give my son all he needs. I don't mind sacrificing my social life i have never really had one but my son, i can't. He might be (quite sure he will be) diagnosed with autism and as you guys know the first 5 years are crucial to his development even more so than if he were not to have ASD. Plus he has never been to daycare, and although he is in therapy he still needs help daily. He isn't severe (lets hope for no regression) but he has no speech as of late. I worry nursing will consume me and one will suffer. And then what if i start nursing get a distance and fail because its hard and/or i couldn't balance work, school and an autistic child. Sometime I wonder if i should do something else but i think what? I can't think of anything. Im more passionate about nursing than anything else. Has anyone had a similar situation as me and made it through? As anyone become single mom very young, and had to work but still managed to successfully become a RN. Any stories or advice are much welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

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How much help will you have with childcare , will he need outside care all the time or do you have family support?

How quickly do you learn, do you feel you a good student?

When I was 21 , I had a toddler with a blood disorder that took up most of time. I had a mom that could babysit anytime, and I am a good student. I could not have handled nursing school at that time.

Talk to a guidance counselor . You could try taking 2 or 3 prerequisites and see how that goes.

Good luck!

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I know plenty of nurses who completed nursing school as single moms. It can be done, although having a strong support system of family and/or friends will greatly help you during your educational journey.

Good luck to you!

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I completed nursing school as a single mom, but I also had family support! Family support was crucial! There is no way I could have done it alone!

I also completed nursing school as a single mom. I was also working full time and had a great family support system. It was very time consuming and my social life was practically nonexistent, but it was worth it. I am very glad that I did it and wouldn't be where I am now if I wouldn't have done it.


I'm a mom of an autistic now teenager. My son was diagnosed when he was 4 y/o & I had just entered college to prep for my nursing journey. To make it short & sweet 12 years later, I just finished my ADN. It does take much time & effort attending school, family, & balancing a autistic child (therapy, dr's appt's ect), but if you're determined all is possible. I had many bumps along the road. I had to drop ADN when I was already in the program & take another route into LVN. Yes, it's a very challenging program & I did work as a medical asst throughout my schooling. You can do it with faith all is possible. Keep striving for what your heart desires. I also just got accepted into CSUDH for my BSN in which I will pursue this fall. All my sacrifices taking care of my autistic child plus 4 siblings (5 children) is a blessing to me.. It did take long, but the end result is everlasting knowing you didn't give up on your dream. You can do it just put your mind to it & know your not alone. Good luck & my blessings to u & your son...

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Yes, absolutely, I know of a young driven woman who has had more than one child at a young age. She has had MANY other obstacles thrown her way during the course of pre-nursing and nursing school but here she is today as a proud RN ready to start her first job. She was very adamant about becoming a nurse, so she did.

I agree that you also need a strong support system to help you along but it can be done. Let your passion guide you.

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I was a mom at 18 and I put myself through nursing school. But I too, had a very strong support system that I relied heavily on during those years. It's going to take a WHOLE lot of dedication and balancing. But I think if you put your head down and don't give up that you can accomplish it. You may not be able to get it right as quickly as you dreamed but it's still possible. Where there is a will, there is a way. You just need to figure out how to do it as best as you can :)

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You ARE taking care of yourself and your son by seeking an education that will allow you to earn a decent living. Will it be difficult at times...Yes.... but most things of this nature are difficult.


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I was a single mom during nursing school. I completed school to become an LPN first and then an ADN program. My mom was my support system and I had a great daycare that was right behind the community college.

My situation was slightly different from yours since I'm located in Sweden where childcare is free. But I went for nursing after having a baby at 19. First I did high school 3 years since I didn't get any grades before I had my kid. Then went for university, took me 4 years to finish my degree since I battled depression too. I worked, commuted 2½ hours for uni and took care of my daughter and that was far too much so I stopped working on the side. It was tough, never having any money so we haven't had a vacation ever her and I, she's turning 9 after the summer. I do have really supportive family which made it possible, taking her late evenings and sometimes even weeks while I was at the hospital internships. I'm sitting on 50 000 euros in student loans now though but with a vocation which means I'll never be without a job, got offered 5 before even graduating (not sure what the job situation is like in US). I just wanna send vibes that with help it's possible, while it's not neccessarily easy.