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TSgtRodrigues has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

Active Duty Nurse, goal is to eventually be a NICU nurse.

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  1. TSgtRodrigues

    Inserts for shoes?

    So I know the topic of which shoes should be used has been brought up a lot in here, but my question is what about insoles? Where do you guys get your insoles from? Or what type of insoles do you usually get? Do you just go to like CVS and get the Dr Scholl's? Or do you go to a special store?
  2. TSgtRodrigues

    Best Tennis Shoes

    What tennis shoes do you guys find the most comfortable? Obviously I will be getting a good pair of insoles, but what are the most comfortable shoes that you have found for 12hr shifts? And where do you get your inserts form? Any help is greatly appreciated. I've used Nike's in the past that were comfortable but I want a pair so that I can have another pair to switch off with. Clogs are not allowed, and it has to be a tennis shoe, which is why I am trying to get more there! Thank you!i
  3. TSgtRodrigues

    Best most comfy and durable scrub pants

    Grey's Anatomy & Dickies Xtreme Stretch!
  4. TSgtRodrigues

    What color are your scrubs?

    We wear Navy Blue at my hospital. The typical in California seems to be either Navy Blue or Ceil Blue.
  5. TSgtRodrigues

    Scrub pants?

    While the Dickies say "Jr Fit" they fit like a women's & come in XXL & XXXL if necessary. The Xtreme stretch are soooo comfy!
  6. TSgtRodrigues

    Scrub pants?

    Grey's Anatomy and Dickies Xtreme Stretch! Those are the only ones I have found that do not require me to pull them up all the time. They are the half drawstring/half elastic band! The all drawstring are the worst in my opinion!
  7. TSgtRodrigues

    Good scrub brands?

    Up until recently all my scrubs were Grey's Anatomy because they were super soft, didn't wrinkle, and lasted a while. However, I recently found the Dickies Xtreme Stretch and they too are super soft and last a long time. So, are there any other brands out there that are soft like these two & don't wrinkle?
  8. TSgtRodrigues

    If you could wear any scrub?

    I love my Grey's Anatomy & the new Dickies Super Stretch! They are both a little pricey, but so incredibly worth it as they are super comfortable & last a long time.
  9. TSgtRodrigues

    Most Stressful Day

    So I know there are a ton of posts in here about your most memorable drug seekers, the craziest patients etc. so, here's a new question that I haven't seen asked yet. We all have stressful days, days where we don't win, days where we just wanna cry at the end of shift. So, what are some of your most memorable stressful day stories? Where maybe you lost a patient that hit you harder than most, or did you just have family members that were too involved in their own feelings rather than the good of the patient?
  10. TSgtRodrigues

    Attention tall nurses!!!

    I always buy Barco Brand, in the Long Length (I believe it's TL when selecting). I've never looked at the inseam, but they are always plenty long enough! I want to say it's at least a 34" inseam AFTER washing. I don't wear any other scrubs but Grey's Anatomy by Barco.
  11. TSgtRodrigues

    Attention tall nurses!!!

    I am 6'1" (so I think in the tallest one posting here so far) and a size 10/12. I always buy Barco brand, more often than not Grey's Anatomy at that. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the softness of them, and the fact that they are definitely long enough. I either buy them online at Scrubs & Beyond or go to the Uniform Advantage stores and see what colors they have in stock.
  12. TSgtRodrigues

    bad sound with Littmann STC

    Did you buy it off eBay or someplace similar? If you bought it off eBay/amazon it may be possible that it was a used one. But, if you bought it directly from a store, or directly from Littmann, there is typically a warranty.
  13. TSgtRodrigues

    What's you're best drug seeker?

    I know that this thread is all over the place, but there are none that have anything from this year, and since I had possibly my best & worst attempt today (yes, all in one day!) I thought I would start a new one. Best: Lady comes in and says that she had her gall bladder removed 2 weeks ago and was still having a lot of abdominal pain. So we examine her and see pink scratches that really just looked like she scratched herself and then put neosporin or something to make it shiny. But, I decide to give her the benefit of the doubt & not completely write her off yet. Dr comes in, examines her & says that he wants to do an U/S to "make sure that there is nothing major going on" and of course she asks for pain meds & so him feeling generous I suppose (or maybe trying to give her the benefit of the doubt still too) agreed to give her something before U/S. He comes to me & says "I don't think she just had her gallbladder removed, in fact I kinda still think it's there, but you can give her 1/2mg morphine for pain before she goes to U/S." I go to give her the medicine & say the doctor has ordered morphine for you, have it ready, diluted and all (not that 1/2mg will do much anyways) And of course she says "That won't do anything for my pain, It has to be 4mg dila-something. I forget the full name. You know. Dulidad, dilantis, Dilantin...something like that, and if it doesn't help my pain I go into anabalactic (her word!) shock." Somehow I was able to not laugh in her face at that and explained that if she didn't one that I could just discard it and see if the doctor would give anything else but it was unlikely. She got all snooty and started complaining and I said I would tell the doc, and hold the morphine. But of course she quickly said "I'll try that in the meantime. I'll make myself stay out of anabaltic shock." (Again, her word for anaphylxis) So she went for U/S and the tech called us to ask what we were looking for because her gallbladder was still there! So once she came back the doctor went in and said "ma'am, it looks like they never did the surgery. Your gall bladder is still there, and there are no stones, so we don't see anything." She goes "they only removed one of my gallbladder a, not both. You don't know what you're doing. I just had surgery and I'm in pain, whether you are stupid or not you have to fix my pain." He explained that her scars were not at all surgery scars and more like scratches, and not consistent with the location of gallbladder surgery. She continued with "that's because I told the hospital I'd open myself up to save money since I have no insurance and they agreed to." The doctor walked out because he couldn't control himself & left me to do the discharge instructions with a straight face. She signed her papers and asked "where's my prescription for the morphine?" "Ma'am that was given to you IV, you are not being given any more to take home." "You have to! It's law that if I'm in pain and you give me IV meds you have to give me something equal or better to take at home." "Sorry, no it's not. Have a fantastic day." And the worst try? A frequent flyer who was at another ER yesterday as she states, and they "forgot" to write her a prescription for fentanyl patches for her back pain, and they told her that if she came to us that we would take care of it, no questions asked. So we asked the doctors name, couldn't remember but of course she knew that he "wasn't working that day" and that's why they sent her to us. So I ask the hospitals name and she "couldn't remember" but it was one if the ones in San Francisco. Of course! There's like 8 different hospitals in San Francisco. I explained that if she wanted to see the doctor she could, but that we could not just write her prescription "no questions asked." She checked in, took history and of course she's trying to make tears form and pain us 15/10. Take her back to the room and say the doctor will be in soon. As the doctor goes to knock he hears her on the phone so decides to listen before preceding and she says "I don't think I'll get the fentanyl like you wanted, but I'm sure I'll score some vicodins or something. And I'll sell you those at a cheaper price." The doctor did not go in, the only folks that went in were the cops. Sonetimes these folks are so ridiculous you couldn't make up these stories if you tried. Hahaha. What are your best stories? Forgive my spelling errors I'm on my phone!
  14. TSgtRodrigues

    Sock color and school req.

    Make sure you are allowed to wear clogs. Most schools do not allow clogs.
  15. TSgtRodrigues

    At my wit's end...

    Well, considering that you are here calling them "stupid" I'd like to venture out and assume you are part of the problem, even if you don't realize it. Do you KNOW they hate you? Or do you just assume. Are you one who likes to just blurt out every single answer whether it's asked of you or not? You came here looking for advice and since you didn't get the response you wanted, you got yourself in a tizzy and put up a big attitude. So, it appears to most of us here (and for good reason considering your actions) that you were a decent portion of the problem. Take a hard look at yourself. How can you better help the situation? You can only control yourself afterall.
  16. TSgtRodrigues

    Before you judge the addicted nurse.....

    At least you don't think that you would have made the same choices. However, no one actually knows what choices they would have made until after they are out in that position...until after they are in that much pain, until after they have already gone through everything else. They did not get there over night! It took a long time for them to get tthere, it was not their first stop. You say you are not better than them, but then you go and say "I never would have made the same choices" so therefor they are nothing like you. You very much are insinuating that you are better than them. But they never said that they are just like you NOW, they said they were just like you, meaning before their addiction. They never planned to start taking the drugs! It was not part of their secret plan! They very much were just like you, they had the same school, they had the same initials after their name, they very much were just like every single one of us, they just simply fell off track! So yes, they were just like us.

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