Inserts for shoes?


So I know the topic of which shoes should be used has been brought up a lot in here, but my question is what about insoles? Where do you guys get your insoles from? Or what type of insoles do you usually get?

Do you just go to like CVS and get the Dr Scholl's? Or do you go to a special store?


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I used Dr Scholl's gel insoles on my old shoes before and it worked well for me.


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After trying everything in the drugstores and 3 different Superfeet insoles I happened upon Oregon Aero ShockBlocker insoles. I have a neuroma and these provide excellent cushioning. They have no arch support, which I do not need. They're available from Amazon or the manufacturer but will be sent from Amazon no matter which website you use. I needed the thickest ones (Deluxe). So worth the price for me. If you do need arch support I know many who love the Superfeet. You must get fitted for them the for the best results. I went to Eastern Mountain Sports which has trained personal and many to try out in store.

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I swear by the "Sole" orthosis. It's sold at Fleet Feet or you can order it on line. It's designed to heat in the oven and then mold to your foot but the trick is to use is just as it comes out of the package. About 15 years ago I was really suffering from anterior tibial tendonitis due to falling arches. My podiatrist suggested the Sole as a last resort before custom orthotics. It cleared it up and I haven't had a problem since; and of course I've worn them 100% since then too.