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inchii has 4 years experience and specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

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  1. inchii

    How Is this handled at your workplace?

    See if they need you. If not, you go home and get paid for 2 hours.
  2. inchii

    Foreign grad to take msn degree

    If you aim for a managerial position or advanced practice, it will be good to get a master's degree. Getting in the program is pretty much the same for everybody. You will have additional requirements like education evaluation. Some schools require an English proficiency test.
  3. inchii

    Inserts for shoes?

    I used Dr Scholl's gel insoles on my old shoes before and it worked well for me.
  4. inchii

    HIPAA violation

    Yes, as it still violates privacy.
  5. inchii

    Port protectors and scrub the hub

    We use a different brand in our hospital - Curos caps. It is advertised to disinfect in 3 minutes. We don't scrub the hubs anymore unless it is obviously soiled or if it has only been 3 mins. So far it works well in our hospital and no central line related infection in our unit.
  6. inchii

    Warfarin and Lovenox

    Just like the other comments, Lovenox is given until INR is therapeutic (bridging). Based on your meds' high dosages, I would assume that your patient's weight is on the heavy side. We had 1 patient before with a very heavy weight whose coumadin dose needed to go up to 15mg til the INR finally budged. Some patient on high doses may qualify for an INR monitoring machine for home use.
  7. inchii

    white boards in patients room

    Our whiteboards have a space for weights because we are a heart failure unit. It is a quick reference for patients and nurses to see how they are trending, and reinforces our heart failure education program.
  8. inchii

    Advise on jobs offered

    Some hospitals take a while before they call back. They usually give you a time frame on when they are going to make a decision after an interview, so follow up on them if they are past those dates already. In the mean time, keep on applying! Good luck! :)
  9. inchii

    white boards in patients room

    I wish the space for doctors' names is bigger in our unit's whiteboards, especially if there are more than 5 docs on the case. I do like that our new whiteboards has something like a glass cover on it. Our old whiteboards did go old over time, with the whiteboard film peeling off after years of use.
  10. inchii

    Pros and cons of the shift

    I posted this before on an old thread: Days: Pros: 1. Normal sleeping pattern 2. More adequately staffed (some hospital have different nurse/patient ratio for RNS and CNAs for days and nights) 3. More resources (you have the Admit nurse, SWAT nurse, IV nurse, wound nurse, MDs, case manager, social worker, PT, OT, etc.) 4. See number 1. Cons: 1. Most hospital activities happen during days (procedures, Doctors' rounds-which include new orders, Discharges, etc) 2. You also have to deal with patients' relatives (not that it's a bad thing, but some of them can give you a hard time) Nights: (Pretty much the opposite of days) Pros: 1. Night shift differential pay 2. Less procedures are done at night Cons: 1. Messed up sleeping pattern (very important if you have family/kids) 2. Less staff resources. 3. You need to call or sometimes wake up physicians to get an order. You cannot really address all patient problems unless it's urgent. 4. Depending on the hospital, some routines are done during nights --IV tubing change, IV site change, Routine lab draws (usually done early AM. Some patients are nurse draws. You also need to address abnormal lab results), chart audit, central line dressing change, foley catheter change, etc
  11. inchii

    Screw up

    We don't normally use flex pens, so I needed to check on their website for that. You were probably off by around 2 units or less on the actual delivered insulin. But like what the first comment said, learn from that mistake and move on. :)
  12. inchii

    How do you give report?

    The assignment printout sounds great, but I still prefer the report sheet that I made. It makes me more organized when getting/giving reports. I like just having a single sheet and my clipboard for all my patients. My handwriting is very small, I fit 4 patients in the front of the sheet, then if I fold it crosswise, I can add more patients at the back.
  13. inchii

    Full vs part time scheduling rights

    We do rotating groups on who does the self scheduling first, regardless if you're full time or part time.
  14. Priming the IV line basically means priming the tubing.
  15. inchii

    can you get fire

    I'm sorry to hear that about your friend. Unfortunately, yes, it is a violation since she was not directly involved in her son's care. Now it is up to her hospital policy if she will get fired, reported to the board, etc.
  16. inchii

    No call No show but

    I'm sorry to hear that. For the hospital I work with, 2 no call/no shows = termination, but it always depend on your hospital policy. It may seem unfair, but learn from it and do better on your next job.

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