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Month-Long Student Nurses Day Celebration Starts Today! Nurses Week Contest #7

Did someone say stress? Not here. School is stress-free. (Says no one ever! ?)  When under stress just laugh. Give it a try? Look at the toon above ... can you provide a laugh-inducing caption for this toon? I know you can. If you share the perfect caption you could win a $100 Amazon Gift Card courtesy of Picmonic! You have nothing to lose. Just give it a try.

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Contest Rules

You can submit any caption but only those that follow the below rules will be considered for the $100 Amazon Gift Card.

  1. Open to registered members only. (Free and quick to Register)
  2. Length (number of words) is a factor in selecting winner. Caption must fit the toon. (2-3 lines at most)
  3. Captions must be submitted below.
  4. Each entry will be reviewed for originality.
  5. You can submit more than one entry.
  6. One winner will be announced.

This contest is sponsored by Picmonic.

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Congratulations to Avill, BSN for the winning caption.

“She’s in her first semester.”

Specializes in NICU.

"Is she a psych patient or a nursing student?"

Specializes in school nursing.

"Someone forgot to tell her about the dirty jobs a nurse has to do!"

Specializes in ED, Tele, MedSurg, ADN, Outpatient, LTC, Peds.

"This woman I cursed out for holding up the line yesterday in the cafeteria is the Nursing Dean?!!

Specializes in ambulant care.

" Two weeks before NCLEX ? "

Specializes in Cardiology/Telemetry.

And this one is morphing into a nurse...

Specializes in CEN, Firefighter/Paramedic.

She finally snapped when we asked her to APA cite her discussion board posts..


Specializes in ED, Tele, MedSurg, ADN, Outpatient, LTC, Peds.

She thought activated charcoal was best given without gloves and then the patient had projectile vomiting---and there she was right in front of him!

She fits right in.

Specializes in Geriatrics.

“This is why we don’t give our patients ambien”

She didn't think she was supposed to don gloves before removing the impaction? Give as new meaning to "hands on"

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