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  1. FiremedicMike

    RN student podcast?

    Are there any highly regarded podcasts that would be helpful to listen to through RN school? I'm starting med-surg at the end of the month..
  2. FiremedicMike

    First APN Job: Not Getting Paid For Hospital New Hire Orientation

    Sure - if COVID wasn’t a thing and you were doing this in person, you’d be paid.. But let’s be honest, it’s online corporate training.. Grab a glass of wine (or bourbon), put on some Netflix, and click through the slides..
  3. FiremedicMike

    New Paradigm for the DNP. What do you think?

    I took a basic statistics class that only required algebra. I do think I'm pretty strong in math, but that's neither here nor there. I feel like my basic statistics class taught me enough to be able to evaluate the strength of a study in order to guide my thinking. I'll admit this may be a case of "I don't know what I don't know" - but I'd love to hear why a more advanced understanding of statistics is necessary for medical practice, unless your goal is medical research?
  4. FiremedicMike

    Quality of Online NP Programs and Providers

    It’s refreshing to hear you say this. One of the most blatant hypocrisies I read on other forums is the whole “NPs get online education, how dare they” on the same page with threads about how “I wouldn’t even consider attending a medical school with mandatory attendance”.. My entire bachelors degree is online through a respected brick and mortar school. My post-grad work in my pre-req science classes have all been blended, self study with a weekly in person lab.. Its what works for my schedule and my personality.. Online didactics are the future, I just wish I didn’t have to pay an absurd tech fee in top of tuition..
  5. I'm hoping maybe there's some admissions committee folks on here or folks with intimate knowledge of candidate selection.. At the conclusion of next semester I will have completed all of the pre-reqs to apply to a well respected Direct-Entry FNP program (brick and mortar school). Conversely, I've completed the pre-requisite courses and scored high enough on the HESI a2 in order to likely gain admission into a local paramedic to RN program. My plan would be to finish the RN program and then apply to the traditional FNP pathway. While option 2 is "cleaner", I worry that applying to the traditional track with 0 RN experience (20 years paramedic experience) will put me at a disadvantage..
  6. FiremedicMike

    6 hours, really?

    I'm taking my A2 next week and I see it is allotted 6 hours.. I'm typically a pretty fast test taker, does the A2 really take 6 hours?
  7. FiremedicMike

    List of Direct Entry MSN Programs?

    Ohio State has a direct entry program for the following specialties; AGPCNP, FNP, NNP, Neonatal NP, Pediatric NP, PMHNP, WHNP, Clinical Nurse Leader, and Nurse-Midwife
  8. FiremedicMike

    MVA, EMS didn't use a backboard!!

    It's not rocket science, but diverting traffic with your vehicle is a nuanced skill picked up over time.. I'm not sure it's something I'd be comfortable doing for the very first time in my personal car on the scene of my very first bad car crash..
  9. FiremedicMike

    MVA, EMS didn't use a backboard!!

    It really first came on my radar back in EMT-basic school (a long long time ago) when we were learning "standing take-downs", where someone is walking around but it's decided "HUR DUR.. MUST BACKBOARD".. We had this whole process for holding c-spine, putting the backboard flush to their back and laying them and the backboard flat onto the ground. I remember thinking "this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen, they were just walking around!" Anyhoo, when the backboarding was finally on it's way out the door as standard practice, I cheered a bit inside..
  10. FiremedicMike

    MVA, EMS didn't use a backboard!!

    You can if it makes them feel better, but in the same studies that have shown backboards to be not only unhelpful but potentially harmful, they’ve found c-spine immobilization to be voodoo also. Think about the anatomy of the spine.. does holding someone’s neck straight and in the anatomical position actually immobilize the spine? Then of course there’s the dramatic amount of forced movement onto a backboard which blows the immobilization to heck, when it’s easier and safer for the patient to have them help in getting to the cot in a way that’s least painful to them. The final nail in the coffin is that there’s just no meaningful evidence that demonstrates this theory of an incomplete spinal cord fracture that was maintained through full spinal immobilization..
  11. FiremedicMike

    Ohio State part time FNP question

    Yikes, ok good to know now.. Thanks!
  12. FiremedicMike

    ACNP vs FNP: My Summarization of the Great Debate

    Sheesh, I feel like this thread got pretty hateful and aggressive..
  13. FiremedicMike

    Ohio State part time FNP question

    In the part time program?
  14. FiremedicMike

    Psychiatry question - Must I provide Therapy too?

    Yeah I’m torn on this. On one hand - I think decompression after a bad run is important. Should that be guided or not I guess becomes the core issue here..
  15. FiremedicMike

    ACNP vs FNP: My Summarization of the Great Debate

    Not trying to argue at all, but for what it's worth I just looked at several inpatient jobs at Ohio State and none of them specified ACNP certification..
  16. FiremedicMike

    ACNP vs FNP: My Summarization of the Great Debate

    I was told from an ER attending that I respect that his group prefers FNPs because they are able to see the occasional ped patient who walks through the door. My personal plan is to get dual certified ACNP/FNP. Whether I take ACNP and then FNP post-grad cert or the other way around is yet to be determined (I've elected to plow through my RN starting next summer instead of the direct entry pathway I was originally planning)..

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