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  1. I don't know if I want to stay in nursing school

    I have a slightly different take. In clinical practice you aren't really performing in front of an audience, you're performing as a part of a group. There is a big difference in my opinion. Each of you has a role, each of you is doing your part, a...
  2. Things nurse students complain about

    Right, because day to day nursing is pretty much sitting in a classroom for 4-6 hours at a time.
  3. Should Hospitals Rehire LPNs/LVNs?

    Friendly observation from my side of the world. Our best LPNs put their scrubs on, tie their shoes, and dive right into the crap-show with the rest of us, doing everything they are allowed to do, so that patients are taken care of and moved thro...
  4. New LVN in ED

    Welcome! We have some awesome LPNs in our ED and they keep us from drowning every day! The question to your answer is going to be based on your states BON and your hospitals policy. You sound like the trailblazer there which is cool, but also ...
  5. Should Hospitals Rehire LPNs/LVNs?

    I love higher learning. My BSN will be my second bachelors and I will probably get a masters as well. That said, you will never see me on these forums or in real life insisting that a BSN nurse provides better care than an ADN nurse.
  6. Should Hospitals Rehire LPNs/LVNs?

    I've looked at the RN to BSN curriculum I'm about to start. I've talked to my friends who have recently finished their BSN. I've read the countless threads on here. BSN adds literally nothing to day to day clinical practice. You know it, I kn...
  7. They're just small adults…….. What was the thought process behind the next gen questions that are coming? I'm an educator at heart, but that format perplexes me..
  8. Should Hospitals Rehire LPNs/LVNs?

    To be fair - as nurses and humans, we are all equals. In terms of functionality, there are things that need to be done in the hospital that LPN's legally cannot do in many states. In my state, LPNs cannot give IV push medications or perform primary...
  9. Should Hospitals Rehire LPNs/LVNs?

    Most of our LPN colleagues work their butts off, and to deny them the ability to come back to the hospital during this critical nursing shortage due to a perceived threat to "job security" is pure insanity. Would it be nice for everyone in the h...
  10. ER or PCU

    tl:Dr - you're choosing between order and chaos. JBMmom's description of the ED is succinct. It is variety to the extreme, and your day can change any second with the next medic who calls in or the next memaw who walks in the door, and it's ...
  11. At the end of the day, what's the difference between a gummy, a glass of wine, or a beer? Nothing. They're all chemicals used to calm someone down. As long as they're used responsibly, I see absolutely no reason to judge a user of thc/cb...
  12. Should Hospitals Rehire LPNs/LVNs?

    I work in a fairly busy ED in an urban area and we augment with LPNs. We have several that are phenomenal and we would drown without them. Our setup, we have zones of 8-12 beds, within each zone there will be an RN covering 4 beds each, and som...

    My ED uses a lot LPNs, I actually had a medic friend say he was going to apply there but word on the street is they're phasing out medics for LPNs (not true). A good LPN changes our entire workflow and makes EVERYTHING in our zone move smoother....
  14. NCLEX exam without going to nursing school?

    Why does this thread keep getting bumped? LOL
  15. Accelerated Nursing

    I believe accelerated BSN programs are targeted at adult, second career learners. Unlike entry level ADN programs who usually refuse to talk to students until they're in the program, you might be able to just contact the admissions folks for the pro...