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  1. FiremedicMike

    Nursing School A Mistake

    Have you done any clinical time yet?
  2. FiremedicMike

    Unfair Grading

    If you are trying to better yourself, you ask the professor “what points should I focus on next time so that I can score better”, not “why did you give someone else xxx score when they obviously missed this and that and this”, and then not let it go when you don’t get the answer you want. If you can’t see the difference, I don’t know what to say.
  3. FiremedicMike

    Unfair Grading

    That's fine. The last piece of advice I'll give you is this: I implore you to abandon this line of thinking as soon as possible. It is destructive, unhealthy, and will lead to a life full of anxiety and disappointment. Worse yet, this mindset can very easily evolve into becoming a person who is constantly cutting people down, backstabbing, and doing whatever it takes to try to look better than everyone around you. I cannot possibly stress this enough - the grades of your fellow students have ABSOLUTELY ZERO impact on your ability to be a nurse. You need to internalize that.
  4. FiremedicMike

    Unfair Grading

    Suppose your perspective is correct and the grading was completely unfair and you are being held to a higher standard, do you really think pointing it out to the professor, then relentlessly bugging them about it is going to make things better on you? I hate to be the old curmudgeon in the room, but life isn't fair. Worry about your own grades and let everyone else worry about their own grades. You both passed, you already said you were happy with your grade, that is exactly where this story should end for you.
  5. FiremedicMike

    Unfair Grading

    Yes, you are. Don’t spend another second thinking about what everyone else is getting, and certainly don’t ever email your instructors again about how they graded your peers. There is one set of grades that matter, yours. That’s it, no one else, nothing else, pass nursing school and move on.
  6. FiremedicMike

    Have you heard of this type of grading before?

    This is pretty standard I think.. OP - did you guys not see your grades at all during the program? Did you not get homework assignment and exams back? Certainly those on the bubble at least had an idea? At the start of every single class, we get a “you need this many points to pass this class” section of the syllabus…. Are guys not getting that?
  7. FiremedicMike

    How to educate spouse about what I do as an NP?

    This has to be a joke, right?
  8. FiremedicMike

    Help! I failed nursing school.. What should I do?

    This is semantics and you know it. I pay tuition. I am paying for a product, the product is supposed to be effective education, which is created, maintained, and updated by the professors who run the program. The professors who run the program are employed by the school where I pay tuition. A=B, B=C, A=C.. I’m paying for my professors to create good content.
  9. FiremedicMike

    RN to BSN To MSN or RN to MSN

    You’ll have to check the program that you’re interested in. Many require a BSN, some only care about having a bachelors (doesn’t matter what it’s in). If the program that you’re interested in accepts any bachelors, then it seems like a waste of time and money to do the BSN first..
  10. FiremedicMike

    Study resources for nursing school

    Perry’s Maternal/Peds book? Yep, dead wrong..
  11. FiremedicMike

    Study resources for nursing school

    This is an excellent point. Outside resources should be used as supplements to your required reading, which may help connect some dots. It is extremely unlikely that anything you view in these videos will resurface as test questions..
  12. FiremedicMike

    We Must Demolish Traditional Universities

    The STEM curriculum was odd and I never fully investigated it, so I can't answer with any certainty whether they were required, only that they had plenty of time to complete them if they wanted. They could also elect to ignore them and graduate high school a year earlier.. As for the rigor of their college courses, they were the same curriculum as the courses I took. When I did my bachelors degree, I did my first two years at this same community college, and I looked over the syllabus and found it to be the same as when I went. Whether the grading is more lenient... I can't say, but the professors for these classes are employees of the college and not the high school.
  13. FiremedicMike

    Skipping assigned reading?

    I believe the gold standard is 3 hours per semester hour per week.. So a 4 hour class would get 12 hours of reading per week..
  14. FiremedicMike

    Skipping assigned reading?

    Seems like a bad idea to me, but I suppose it depends on how the exams are at your school..
  15. FiremedicMike

    How much are your nursing school expenses?

    If you include my gen ED classes and textbooks, I’ll be at around $12k for my ASN, which is around $7k for nurs courses and $5k for gen ED.. I've been fortunate that through some help from tuition reimbursement at work and some financial footwork in the last few years (also, already had my gen eds out of the way), I’ve not taken any student loans out..
  16. FiremedicMike

    Seeking Advice! Failed 2-Year Program. Now What?

    I'm going to ask you to cite that reading/lecture are the most efficient method of instruction. Because this is the internet and you cant see my facial cues or tone, it sounds crass or aggressive to ask you that, but I don't mean for it to be and I genuinely just want to read about that.