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spotangel has 34 years experience as a DNP, RN, NP and specializes in ED, Tele, MedSurg, ADN, Outpatient, LTC, Peds.

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  1. spotangel

    How to support student nurse?

    Working as an ER nurse, I had a student around 2005 shadow me in the ER for around 5-6 months. She was hired as a student tech and could do vitals, fingersticks, urines and EKG. The first week she followed me around and watched what I did and I...
  2. spotangel

    Concept Analysis Paper

    I loved my concept analysis paper. Was clueless in the beginning and stumped! Not to worry. All normal stuff. I did this paper in 1998 but remember doing on a topic that interested me which is intuition. I followed the rubric and the guidelines and ...
  3. spotangel

    Life With Kathy Is Never Boring

    Beautiful! Yes please!
  4. spotangel

    When You Realize You Are Replaceable

    Lot of strong emotions here. OP ! Sounds like you are a terrific nurse and a facility will be lucky to have you with your expertise and compassion. Even though since science supports vaccinations and only medical exemptions are accepted by mains...
  5. spotangel

    Article Contest: Holiday Edition 2021

    Congrats to all winners! Well deserved!
  6. spotangel

    YOU: A Nurse Writer

    Spot on M. Lee! Great article! My passion outside Nursing has always been writing! I tend to file away interesting interactions, heart tuggers in my daily work day for a future article! I sometimes jot down words or phrases used on a tin...
  7. spotangel

    Is this normal? Or should I move on?

    Agree with @dusky1228 Totally not normal. Once you have an assignment, you call the patients and schedule appointments and plan your day. The only hiccup would be an add on as someone called out and the pt needs an urgent visit today. This way y...
  8. spotangel

    Christmas Miracles in the Emergency Room!

    @Daisy4RNI Love that you put a biblical quote or verse daily! I have a white board on my office door with a Psalm written. People stop and read. Sometimes come in and thank me. I feel that now more than ever we need to be there for each other in t...
  9. spotangel

    Christmas Miracles in the Emergency Room!

    Thank you @GrumpyRN for your viewpoint. These happened on Christmas Eve- a birth, a homeless family given gifts and a death. So I was able to connect it in my mind to the Christmas story of the Holy Family. Jesus life ended in an agonizing painful de...
  10. spotangel

    Christmas Miracles in the Emergency Room!

    Thanks @Daisy4RN I think we nurses have a special mission of healing others not just physically but mentally and spiritually. Sometimes it’s a coworker that needs an encouraging word or even a hug. When we sense a need, don’t overthink it but as...
  11. spotangel

    The Flower and the Bees!

    Amen to that! Friends YOU can choose! Have people that lift you up not tear you down as your nearest and dearest!
  12. Everyone watches the schedule like a hawk to see who gets the holiday off especially Christmas! We had to work every alternate year. Sometimes some interactions made us pause and reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas once we stripped away the ...
  13. spotangel

    The Flower and the Bees!

    You are absolutely right honeybee. Many men are physically and or sexually abused but don’t speak up. Many a time the perpetrator preys on disabled adults too. One has to be very astute and observant with nonverbal clients. The clues may be cowering,...
  14. Beautiful! We get it! Been in those shoes on both sides of the triage desk! Compassion is what people remember the most not expertise! Getting both is a bonus! Those little gestures mean a lot to the receivers. I always pray that us nurses rememb...
  15. spotangel

    The Flower and the Bees!

    I am sorry to hear about what you went through and what your best friend went through! No one should go through abuse child or adult.The scars are lifelong and painful and very easily triggered. Hugs! Physical abuse within a marriage is more pre...

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