Adult-Geriatric Primary Care NP or...?

  1. I am somewhat torn, and I'm sure you've all seen this one before... but here it goes.

    In my 10 years as a nurse, I have worked with adults-- primarily older adults. I figured that adult-geriatric primary care NP would be the best route. Then on the other hand, I figure if I went for the FNP route I could see those patients and then some. I want to be marketable, so my fear is that if I go for AGPCNP I might really limit myself. I have ZERO experience with OB patients and very little interaction with pediatric patients (although I get along great with kiddos).

    Thoughts and guidance, please!

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  4. by   WKShadowRN
    Before you answer your question look at your area and what is available. Make a long term plan and determine what path benefits you more.
  5. by   lhflanurseNP
    I agree withWKShadowRN. I started out for FNP then realized that that in my area, seniors are where its at, so I switched to the adult-gero program. Don't regret it one bit. You need to know your area to see which way to go.
  6. by   Lennonninja
    I'm starting a AGPCNP program this fall with a very similar situation. I have no desire to work with kids at all, but I worry about marketability too. I hope we're both making the right choice!
  7. by   BostonFNP
    Talk with local NPs and see what local employers are looking for.

    If you ever think you might want to work in a FP or UC/ED then FNP might be better for you, otherwise, it theoretically shouldn't matter.
  8. by   jselbig
    I love geros and have been working in primary care. I love my job but hate having inadvertently cut out 70% of the jobs out there by not getting FNP!
  9. by   RunnerNurse09
    I personally chose AGNP. My area has a very high geriatric population, I have a lot of experience with geriatrics, and I personally feel there is an oversaturation of FNP's.
  10. by   LadyT618
    I wish I could respond to the poll but I would got with AGPCNP. I too am seeing MANY MANY jobs for FNP but I don't wanna work with desire whatsoever.....always knew this from the time I was in nursing school. I work with geriatrics all the time and LOVE me some old folks I say follow what you love and don't conform based on the apparent available jobs out there. There will ALWAYS be a need for primary health care practitioners who know how to care for the elderly and I personally believe that need will continue to grow. Go for AGPCNP!!
  11. by   Bumex
    I am an AGPCNP- I got my job over FNPs. I work a combo of primary (45%)/acute (10%)/subacute (45%) which are rough estimates but you get the drift. The physician who hired me took me over the FNPs for a few reasons but one was that I did more hours in internal medicine. At least 75% of our patients are 65+, but all are 21+. I never wanted to work with OB and peds, both of which I believe need a specialist regardless of school choice (physician/NP/PA). I personally love internal medicine and the specialty I work in (we do both IM and Nephro). FNP would be great if you wanted urgent care or retail, however you rarely get the see the same patients over and over. I know almost all of my patients and have a great relationship with them. I have heard SO MANY FNPs tell me that I wouldn't be 'marketable.' Go with your gut.