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WKShadowNP has 21 years experience as a DNP, APRN and specializes in Hospital medicine; NP precepting; staff education.

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  1. WKShadowNP

    Any MSN-FNP's here who decided to go back for DNP?

    I completed my DNP while working full time as a hospitalist. In fact, I passed boards and signed my current position's contract the same month I started my DNP. Three years and a few months later, I am still a hospitalist, and I have a terminal degr...
  2. WKShadowNP

    You don't need RN experience to get an NP job

    Thank you very much. You are helping my literature review. I had some of these already, actually. /curtsies /flounces away tripping over feather boa.
  3. WKShadowNP

    Any Hospitalist APRNS?

    They see each patient.
  4. WKShadowNP

    Hospitalist --- FNP or AGACNP?

    I am grateful that my employer prefers family nurse practitioners. However I would love to have the additional knowledge that the acute Care Program would have provided. When I have another year of practice under my belt I am considering enrolling in...
  5. WKShadowNP

    Any Hospitalist APRNS?

    So Inpatient services can be billed for split/shared services. But not critical care or procedures.
  6. WKShadowNP

    Any Hospitalist APRNS?

    I might be using the wrong phrase. Split services are billable and reimbursed. Is that your understanding? The way it was explained to me is that 100% reimbursement occurs this way but only 85% if only I Bill. Isn't that incidence to? Shared/Split Se...
  7. WKShadowNP

    Any Hospitalist APRNS?

    I am loving my job and role. We are a small community hospital of just over 200 beds. My shifts are either 10 hours where I round on patients until lunch then go to ED for admits. Or 12 hours where I'm the point person for admits and consults. My col...
  8. WKShadowNP

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I teased my husband in the past that I would haunt him. But now that I've lost loved ones that jab lost its impact. I have since told him that if I predecease him to use my remains in a horticultural manner, like embedded in a plant. He said it soun...
  9. WKShadowNP

    Online vs Traditional NP school

    But my APA prowess will cure you (M.A., July 22, 2017, personal conversation).
  10. WKShadowNP

    Working independently

    This is state dependent, usually. I am in SC and I am required to have a collaborative physician within 45min. Also, if the hospitalists want to get full reimbursement, they sign off each admission, round, consult, and discharge (incidence-to billin...
  11. WKShadowNP

    Favorite part of being a Nurse Practitioner?

    All of that! I really like putting the puzzle pieces together. And boy did I have ample opportunity today. Several really sick critical patients through the ED I admitted on our hospitalist service today. I leaned on and learned from my peers/colle...
  12. WKShadowNP

    Question for NPs working in Acute Care Setting

    AMEN! I feel that way as well. I am still pinching myself for what a great team I have.
  13. WKShadowNP

    Question for NPs working in Acute Care Setting

    There are regulations governing admitting orders so their signature is necessary. Other things I have mixed reception. Some are very hands-off and encourage my work, some treat me like a resident and guide me through the critical thinking (I'm new), ...
  14. WKShadowNP


    Fingers crossed.
  15. WKShadowNP

    What do you prefer to be called?

    I do not plan to introduce myself to my patients as Dr. Shadow, Nurse practitioner. I already have to correct them when I say nurse practitoner and they call me Doctor. It's confusing to them. For those who ask, I'll share a brief answer, but I want ...