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Bumex has 7 years experience as a DNP, APRN, NP and specializes in Education, Nephrology, Internal Medicine.

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  1. I’ve begrudgingly hired two Walden grads with pressure from my boss and I then fired both within 6 months. Both had intensive orientation periods. Had no idea what they were doing in the slightest. Didn’t know how to chart, practice medicine, or even do an appropriate differential diagnosis. I think that sums up Walden education right there.
  2. Bumex

    DNP vs EdD

    Where did you find info on DNE? I definitely know people whom will want to look into this for furthering their own education.
  3. Bumex

    Drexel DNP or Capella EdD

    If you want a faculty position at a respected university, avoid capella and other for profits. I’ve mentioned before people with doctorates from for profits get passed over for stable full time faculty positions. If they are even hired, they only teach a lab or clinical section, and never lecture. They 100% never get tenure track positions.
  4. Bumex

    Age range Adult-Gerontology NP

    Most places specify 13 or greater around where I work in illinois. Could vary from state to state and facility and facility.
  5. Bumex

    Does it matter where I get my MSN-FNP?

    Employers might not care, but your patients and colleagues will.
  6. Bumex


    Avoid for profit doctoral degrees. My institution will never hire them for full time faculty positions.
  7. Bumex

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Sounds like a red to me. I always like a red to go with my nursing stories at night.
  8. Bumex

    Hey, Depaul MENP graduates...

    I will say, three years after my initial remarks, the MENP program has actually benefitted me greatly. Roughly summer of 2016 was when I really started seeing all the benefits of doing masters entry RN. I was promoted rapidly after my two years of experience and got higher paying jobs.
  9. Bumex

    Outrageous Complaints

    Had a patient's wife try to walk into a code (on another patient) and ask her husbands nurse for a refill on water. Got mad at her and myself (charge nurse) when I calmly asked her to wait at the nurses station. Seriously? Do you not see tons of staff and physicians in the room doing CPR? Also, why would you think it is acceptable to enter another patient's room? Some people...
  10. Bumex

    Mom Wants Me to Become an RN as Backup... But I Don't

    To elaborate on my previous comment, I'm a faculty member at a large private university and I see students making the decision to go into nursing when they aren't sure what else to do or need a backup plan. This ends in several ways; 1) they drop out because nursing school is a lot of work that they aren't committed to, 2) they quit nursing after a few years and end up in worse financial loss due to loans, 3) they continue working as nurses and hate their lives, or finally 4) a small fraction are content. If nursing is not what you feel strongly about, you'll most likely hate it and regret the decision.
  11. Bumex

    Mom Wants Me to Become an RN as Backup... But I Don't

    Nursing is not a fall back profession. End of discussion.
  12. Bumex

    Patient waking up during CPR

    Also had this happen to three different patients.
  13. Bumex

    Landing first nursing job with 3.2/3.3

    Employers will not care about GPA. Passing NCLEX is what matters.
  14. Bumex

    This person outranks me?!

    This sounds like personal issues. Get over it, or move to another job.
  15. Bumex

    Low stats want to get into absn program

    Consider retaking science course and/or pre-reqs, or applying to ADN/ASN programs. My advice would be to start applying to ADN/ASN programs and complete the RN to BSN bridge eventually.
  16. Bumex

    LGBTQ Patient Care?

    Interesting article traumaRUs. I am focusing my DNP research for LGBTQ healthcare as it is something I have been very passionate about.