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Bumex has 12 years experience as a DNP, NP and specializes in Assistant Professor, Nephrology, Internal Medicine.

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  1. What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    Thanks to what research? You mean the debunked Andrew Wakefield? There is no one against flu shots that believes in real science, with the exception of certain religious individuals. The flu shot has been proven to limit transmission by increas...
  2. What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    DO is not on par with ND. DO is based in actual science, not pseudoscientific folklore.
  3. Need Advice, No Longer Able To Be A Nurse

    This is very wrong to do. As someone who does admissions for a RN program, we’ve caught several applicants trying to pull this over just to find a RN or LPN course or reference to transcript from program previously. They get denied outright, and that...
  4. CNN-NP Exam

    Some people I talked to said ANNA was helpful, others have said not so much. I didn't use it myself. I think it depends on your learning style.
  5. CNN-NP Exam

    I took mine and passed too recently. I found the online prep exam somewhat helpful, but there were large categories of knowledge on the exam not remotely covered on the practice test. I would still suggest getting it, but you'll need something else. ...
  6. Probably got booted off for being misinformed and spreading misinformation. Their threads were similar to this garbage from OP. Total misinterpretation of facts and lacking any basic understanding of scientific method.
  7. Yup, looks like they are gone. We have a duty to stop people like this sharing junk science. 'Alternative opinions' on facts like this have no place in areas of science. Make the rest of us look incompetent to the world and to our fellow healthcare p...
  8. I agree. SDN moderators would immediately remove stuff like this person is posting/misleading analysis.
  9. FNP or AGACNP?

    Probably depends on area. In my area, most jobs are either ICU 100% or entire hospital coverage.
  10. FNP or AGACNP?

    AGACNP 100%. Aside from the issues with FNPs working outside their scope with inpatients according to the consensus model, this is the entire point of AGACNP.
  11. Why on earth is this necessary to say? This sounds incredibly smug for someone who seems keen on misinformation.
  12. Any advantage that AGNP has over FNP?

    I think nephrology clinic nursing might also be a consideration. That way you can learn bread and butter CKD cases and management. HD patients are complex as well, but I feel that management is fairly redundant after awhile. Both are good options.
  13. I have discussed the same topic with colleagues over both PhD(c) and DNP(c) use. My opinion of not using this has been shared by the majority. A former professor of mine had a PhD in physiology who’s wife never successfully defended her dissertation....
  14. Walden U PMHNP

    There are plenty of online programs that are not Walden. Online is not synonymous with for-profit.
  15. Walden U PMHNP

    Many facilities, including my own, will not hire grads from Walden, u of Phoenix, etc. There are good candidates that come from these places, but many more bad than the average program. NP school most of the time ends up what you make of it, so why w...