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  1. RunnerNurse09

    Why I'm sick of the ED

    Personally, some of the reasons you are sick of the ED are the reasons I left a med/surg floor and went to the ED (and absolutely love it). On the floor, I felt like all I was doing was passing out meds and that I couldnt think for myself. No one gave a crap if you were having a bad day. I had to call a Dr for every and any little thing. In the ED, I can order blood work, CTs or Xrays if needed based on my nursing judgement, and the MDs are great and really respect the nurses assessments. We have a few bad techs, but most are great. Also, its all about team work. The other night I got slammed with 2 medic pts and a rsp ditress at the same time, and the charge nurse and two other nurses came to start working up my pts for me. We all care about each other and help. On the floor was where I felt like a monkey, not using nursing assessment skills. Its probably YOUR ED. If you loved the ED to begin with, maybe try a new one. I wish you the best of luck. The ER isnt for everyone, and eventually I will have to move on, but right now I love it.
  2. RunnerNurse09

    No Pay iincrease for new ACLS?TELE cert??

    Thanks for the input everyone. Apparently I wasnt the only one asking the question on my floor though. Several other nurses were as well. Our hospital is a magnet hospital, although I am sure that doesnt make a difference. I know you get $1/hr more for BSN. As for the pt load, I was told it will go down (right now we have 8), but on the one tele floor sometimes they have 7 if they are short. I am happy to be getting my tele and ACLS cert, because as one poster said, I am more marketable, and everntually I want to be an MICU transport nurse, so this really is to my advantage. Just would be nice to get a little more pay for it, even if it is like 0.75.
  3. RunnerNurse09

    No Pay iincrease for new ACLS?TELE cert??

    I currently work on a med-srug floor that will be going tele/medsurg. Of course we are required to get tele/acls certified for this. When I asked if we would get a pay raise I was told no. However, I have talked to some other RNs who work tele and they say they do get paid more. I just want a general opinion from other tele/specialty nurses: Do YOU get paid more for your certs? Shouldnt I expect it with more work/ sicker pts?
  4. RunnerNurse09

    Those who get it - get it, Those who don't - Never Will.

    Awesome. Couldnt have said it better myself. Now if only I could hang this up somewhere at work....
  5. RunnerNurse09

    New Grads, enough complaints about preceptors.

    I realize every place of work is different, so I am sorry for not considering that in my reply. At my place of work, people know in advance when/whom they are precepting. Just keep in mind it is not the new grad's fault you are pushed into doing it. I was an LPN prior to becoming an RN, and I have precepted new LPN's. It is different than a hospital setting, but yes it is hard work. However, the pther poster mentioned something about having a bad day or not being in the mood. We can't take that out on our pt's, so what gives anyone the right to take it out on someone you hardly know? No one should be anyone's punching bag. I had a great experience with my preceptor unitl the last two weeks, when she started talking down to me at times. I confronted her about how she spoke to me (in a very professional manner, as in "please dont speak to me that way. I wouldnt speak to any coworker in that manner") and got no apology, and she even got angry. Some people just dont like being called on their actions.
  6. RunnerNurse09

    New Grads, enough complaints about preceptors.

    If you dont like doing it, do new grads a favor and DON'T do it...please. It is scary enough being a new grad without a preceptor giving you an attitude "just because" , or talking down to you like you are a piece of garbage(which I have experienced). Everyone is a human being and should be treated with respect.
  7. RunnerNurse09

    RN-to-Patient Ratios Save Lives

    I totally want to post this story in the lockeroom at work, since we work on a busy as heck med surg floor where the ratio is 8:1....
  8. Wow...I just started on a med surg floor similar to yours. I was an LPN before, so I had some experience to help me, but we get only 6-8 weeks of orientation(even for brand new rn's) and an 8 pt load. Even nurses that have been on my floor for 5 years feel overwhelmed. It is totally rediculous. On top of that, you have to make sure everyone else does their job(ie, the sec putting orders in wrong, pharm not sending up meds, and aides not doing q1h vitals on a new post op when you asked them to). Everyday I feel like my license is on the line, but I pray it will get better. Unfortunately, there isnt anything we can do about it...
  9. RunnerNurse09

    Preceptor problems

    That is exactly what I am hoping happens - that she steps back, takes a look at how she has been speaking to me, and realizes it. I really cannot be the first person she has made feel this way. I am not overly sensitive. There is a difference between constructive criticism and speaking down to someone. Example: I had oriented with another nurse in her absence when she was away. THAT nurse showed me how to fill out a consent form for surgery. My preceptor , when she got back, told me the way I filled it out(the way the other nuse showed me) was wrong and made me stay late while she stood over my shoulder and made me fill it out again, like punishment, not just saying "Well, I know Nurse so and so showed you that way, but next time do it this way" and let it go. I am a gorwn woman, not a child. My point is that everyone, no matter who you are, deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. I am not. I am thankful to have someone that knows what she is doing, but I dont deserve the attitude that comes with it.
  10. RunnerNurse09

    Preceptor problems

    I am a new RN and am having some issues with my preceptor. She is a great nurse, but her attitude/lack of patience leaves much to be desired. Trying to not get into much detail, so bear with me ... She has been happy with me andtells management I do great, etc. However, if I make a mistake, she scowls at me and uses a condescending tone, and continues to not make eye contact and talks down to me for most of the duration of the shift. She not once has admitted to ever making a mistake herself (and by mistake I mean paperwork, not giving wrong meds, etc). In fact one day two, I remember her saying in front of everyone on the unit "I'm great at my job" This is true, BUT , shouldnt one be humble? She never ever says "When I was a new grad, I did xyz" or "Most new grads have trouble with this" A newer nurse that I have spoken with made the exact same mistakes I did. I would never, ever treat a new grad (or anyone for that matter) the way she does with me. She is ice cold and serious, while other nurses on the unit are friendly and nice. I am thinking about making my experiences known at the end of my orientation... ANy thoughts? Please help...
  11. RunnerNurse09

    Telling relatives the patient has died

    I have another: My dad passed away almost a year ago (it will be one year March 13th; today (9th) is his birthday. Anyway, it was totally unexpected. His neighbor found him and called the police (I spoke to him a few days prior, his neighbors noticed he wasnt doing his routine things). The cops called me and told me over the phone while I was home alone with my kids! This is not proper procedure , at least in NJ. My husband is a police officer, and he said the police were supposed to contact my towns cops and send a car over , then they are supposed to stay with the person until other family arrive. They had my name, my husband said all they had to do was put my name in the system and find my address. Dont ever tell anyone over the phone, if it can be absolutely avoided, that a loved one has passed.
  12. RunnerNurse09

    NY and NJ to become BSN only?

    BSN programs that I have applied for and researched do have assessment courses, as well as pathophysiology courses. I really dont know how these couldnt help. To each their own.
  13. Just because one is a nurse doesnt mean you have to kiss everyone's butt. Maybe what this person said was insensitive, but this person's opinion didnt compromise the health of a patient, nor was it directed at a patient. If someone sees me on the street and they hear me say something to a friend like "I dont like gay people"(JUST an example), how on EARTH would the BON have any right to discipline me for expressing my opinion OUTSIDE of work to a NON patient??? Freedom of speech... I dont think this person has anything to worry about, and unless they ARE sorry for what they said, they owe nothing to the other person, especially since the other person is being totally rediculous and trying to punish that person for their opinion.
  14. THIS is why Facebook is such a bad idea. I cannot believe people want everyone knowing their personal business, seeing personal pictures, etc. Do people really need that much validation of their self worth from others??
  15. RunnerNurse09

    is Saunders the best guide for passing nclex?

    I used Saunders for both my LPN and RN NCLEX, and passed with the minimum both times. I liked Saunders questions a lot and used it for review for school as well.