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  1. texasbsn


    hello, I have a MSN ,I was thinking of applying as a nurse educator .I am in Texas what is the salary ballpark thank you
  2. texasbsn

    Fort Worth ISD

    Hi everyone am thinking of the school nurse route. have looked all around and fwisd has an extended opening. what can anyone tell me about them I know the salary is not what I am used to making ... specific questions. how much travel, do you only take care of 1 school thank you
  3. hi I am going to school fulltime and need a PRN or partime job. how are staffing companys in the dfw.i have 4 years in nursing thanks
  4. texasbsn

    burleson jobs texaspadrequeen

    hey how are yuo am looking for a place to work in burleson on weekends trinity is looking foe rn supervisor what do you think,also hospice in hugley how to apply. :smokin:thanks
  5. texasbsn

    txpadrequenn can you help!

    thank you so so much ,I see you are a future nurse attorney awesome yes would love info about the openings at hugley do you want my private email not sure where to pm you i can also send you my cell number.thanks so much!
  6. texasbsn

    txpadrequenn can you help!

    hi everyone well i moved to burleson it is great.only thing is I want to work closer i work in fw about 12miles away but want somthing closer,hugley does not have many openings,I want to do psy or school nursing or rehab/drugs etoh any suggestions also how is the nursing home in burleson what is it like what is the 11-7 med pass like.any ideas about working as a nurse in burleson would be great ( have bsn)thanks:nurse:
  7. texasbsn

    MSN in Psychiatric/Mental Health nursing

    I can you tell me of colleges offering a masters in psyhe,I am interested in CNS focusing in mental health. thanks
  8. texasbsn

    CNS mental health

    Hi everybody ,first happy holidays! second I recenlty posted asking for advice after finishing BSN about which path to take. I thank everyone for their input.I think CNS will allow more oppertunties as opposed to MSN in education.I have learned that you can teach with a master in CNS and is a much broader career range. I am trying to find a college that offers a master in CNS with a speciality in mental heath any help would be great. thanks
  9. :jester:Finished BSN not sure where to go from here. pleae advise currenlty work in mental health nursing which I like.considering clinical nurse specialist in mental health wouls this aid myself down the road if decide to teach? would like the option of leaving bedside care.what about healthcare adminstration as a minor thanks seasons greetings!
  10. Hello I am interested in nursing education and adminstration can I get both can I major in one minor in another. thank you
  11. texasbsn

    Moving to DFW

    i am moving to dfw in late spring.i have over 2 years in psyhe all areas.i have a newly aqquired bsn.i will live in burelson.i am looking to work at hugley and jps as i will be the sole breadwinner at first .however i am open to suggestions to good places to work and if possible salary ideas and tution reinversment.sorry everything in lowercase my keyboard is messing up. thanks:nurse::kiss
  12. texasbsn

    military medicine poster

    if you find it let us know thanks:nurse:
  13. texasbsn

    Texas Tech RN to BSN Summer 2010

    Hi txspadequeen.I have been following some of the posts .I plan on moving to burleson or joshua next summer.I am finishing a BSN program in dec of this year. can you give me an idea of the job market and housing market or links.I have 1.5 years as a psy nurse but am interested in hospice.I currently work for a HCA hospital they are pretty good.but would like somthing nearby. thanks
  14. I am moving to fort worth texas next year I have a BSN and 1.5 years in psy.I would like to try school nursing .Could anyone tell me salary info please.
  15. texasbsn

    Which Field of Nursing Do You Love and Why?

    Psy nursing all the way,interesting no two patients and conditions are the same,it is a field that is still very new Happy hoildays
  16. texasbsn

    mental health educator

    thank you