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Someone in my program was stupid enough to walk out of the hospital with a pair of OR scrubs and now the hospital thinks that we are all thieves. I cannot begin to imagine how someone could be so selfish as to put the entire class' and future classes' experiences in the OR in jeopardy for a lousy pair of used scrubs. :angryfire Other students make me crazy some days.... :uhoh21:

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Do they know who did it?


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Stealing scrubs? It's really true people will steal anything not nailed to the floor - but maybe take the floor!

Do they really keep track of how many pairs of scrubs they have? That almost surprises me more.

What a way to ruin it for everybody though. I hope they find out who the el-cheapo thief is. Scrubs are so cheap too.

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This is just sad for your class. I hope they find out who did it!


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I know who did it but I don't want to rat them out because then I would look just as bad. :uhoh3:

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I find it incredible that they know how many pairs of scrubs they have. At my hospital staff that need a change get them from OR, if OB needs more clean scrubs they get them from OR, doctors run around in the hospital all day in hospital fatigues. So what do they give the students a special type of scrub that identifies them from the rest of the OR staff? Or perhaps the nitwit walked out with the scrubs on and was overheard blowing off about their cunning. Unless they had just gotten new scrubs and found one pair was missing (probly because someone important uses that size), how could they possibly know if there were a pair missing. I dont get it, there are always scrubs in the laundry, on the clean cart, in lockers. No way to get a acutal scrub count.

Me thinks someone has already blown the whistle on someone. My bet is the school and the hospital already know exactly who has them.

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It was me. I'm sorry.

Seriously, I walked out of clinical one day wearing them (my uniform had had a bit of an accident that day), and the staff said really, it's no problem, take them and be happy with them. Nobody cared. I use them as pajamas now.

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If we use work scrubs, we bring them back and throw them in the laundry. Why would you want to keep them? You can buy cheap scrubs in Walmart if you want them for pajamas. :rolleyes:

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Just last week I got my uniform shirt contaminated and it was no big deal for me to don an OR scrub top from the hospital, which I did wear home. I don't understand what the big deal is. After all, students provide a pool for PCTs and future nurses. It would seem a rather poorly thought out move to put this kind of heat on an entire program over a pair of OR scrubs.

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You'd think the hospital would have a little more important things to worry about. I wouldn't want to work somewhere they've prosecuted a whole school for one person's possible minor infraction. I mean that OR is making money hand over fist with the hard labor of it's employees... and even the free labor of students. I say keep the scrubs GIRL, you earned 'em.

And before anyone goes on some tirade about honor and honesty and blah blah blah please think about all the poor suffering, uninsured people whom that hospital is probably turning its back to. :rolleyes:


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If people want scrubs so darn bad why don't they buy them... Heck walmart sells em... One of the hospitals in town has a machine, that actually gives you the scrubs.. You have to swipe your name bad.. Its almost like a vending machine.. and then when you return them you have to swipe again.. Kinda neat and weird :)

I work in an OR and everyone is constantly stealing our scrubs. Everyone thinks one pair won't hurt. But when everyone in town thinks the same thing, it really deplenishes the supply. It is almost a status symbol in my city to have OR scrubs (even when you have nothing to do with the medical field). We have to buy an entire new lot of scrubs at least twice a year. And when you have to clothe over 100 people a day, that is a huge amount of money. There are days when all we have to choose from are tripple X scrubs (litteraly). So please be curtious, and RETURN the OR scrubs. We all know everyone has accidents once in a while and need to borrow a pair. But don't borrow them on the "no return" policy.

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