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Best of luck to you. I also will graduate this May!!!!! Congrats to all!!!

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Also graduating in May.......the last semester is med surg 3........15 weeks left!!! :)


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Also graduating in May....

me too. ADN program. i put a big sign on my wall "I will and can graduate on May 22, 2009!" a pinning ceremony in the morning and graduation in the afternoon.

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Graduating April 25, 2009 with my BSN.

Two more classes to complete: Leadership and Community Health. Semester starts tomorrow.

I get tears in my eyes just thinking about how hard I've worked and how much

I want this!!

Best to everyone! WE ARE ALMOST THERE!! :beer:

Diane (almost) :nurse:

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Just wanted to send a prayer of gratitude and good luck to all taking their finals in the next few weeks. I'm finishing up my third semester of a 2 year ADN program, graduating in May 2009! It's so amazing and crazy how quickly it's gone, when I look back at the last year and a half. We've come so far, we can do it! And if no one has told you that they're proud of you today, or if you're feeling down on yourself, I'm proud of you and us! Best of luck in our last semester!!!!!


Thanks for starting it.. Best of luck to you as well!! :yeah:



In the words of my 3yr, this thread makes my "heart happy"!!!LOL. I can't believe it, just four more months to go in the ADN. I've moved twice, got pregnant, and gave birth all in the same nursing program!!!! Congrats to you all, I know the feeling. Keep up the good Work!!!!!We Can Do IT!!!


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I can't wait! Pinning 9 May 09. It has been a long hard process but I know it will be well worth it. This semester feels different than all the others. I'm sure it's becaue we are so close to the end.


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My pinning is on Saturday May 16!!!! I cant believe the time is getting so close!!:yeah:


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Well I've got two more quarters in my ADN program-critical care and 180 hrs of preceptorship. Our last exam is June 18th and pinning is a few days later (hopefully on June 20th-my 45th birthday). For some reason our graduation is not until July 16th. I was looking over my transcript at all of the classes that I have taken since Fall 2005 and I was struck by how much I have accomplished. I graduated from high school in 1982 and hadn't taken any college courses before 05. I had to take two pre-algebra classes to get into College Algebra, adding up to thirteen core classes (usually two a quarter) and then four quarters of nursing school completed. I've worked fulltime+ throughout core and about 34-36 hrs/wk during nursing (Most of the people in my class either have worked or have small children). Just two more quarters to go? YeeHaaaaa! It just struck me reading this thread how close we are to the end of this long, often rocky road. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you !!! We're on the home stretch...finally. :yeah:

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What's strange is that when I started nursing school, I thought "this will go by SOOO fast," and now that I'm down to my final semester, it feels like this will be the longest semester in the history of semesters! I'm so close, I can taste it! :bugeyes:


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pinning will be may 12th and graduation will be may 15th!!!!:yeah:congrats to everyone for working their tails off! one last semester... 4 more months... 1 nclex exam (because i will pass the 1st time) and the words will read, angie _,rn:p


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Such a boost to hear you all talk about graduation!! I have only just finished my first semester with 3 more to go, but it gives me momentum to go on to hear everyone talking about how excited they are about reaching the end!! If the next 3 semesters go as fast as this one did....it will be no time till I'm in the same boat as you guys!

Good Luck and Congrats to all of you graduating this spring!!


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