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NewenglandMSNRNBC has 12 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Home Care, Psych, Education, Case Management.

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  1. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    Spouse of nurse

    Get a therapist instead of telling everyone about your marriage problems.
  2. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    Fulfillment from nursing practice

  3. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    Is nursing school really awful?

    blenderbottle........What did you expect???? You are a student.... did you expect not to be doing these things??? Why would you get paid as a student?? Are you that clueless? You obviously are not going to make it as a nurse. And the ANA? What do you want them to do ? Make it so that nursing students don't have to help patients with their ADLs? 5-6 patients on a busy med surg floor is a normal assignment for most facilities. I would quit now I don't get it.....
  4. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    Older Student, Unprofessional Nurse During Clinical

    I agree 100% This is nursing school, not nursery school.
  5. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    So I kind of messed up

    Try reading some of his other posts.... He thinks he is all high and mighty by posting ignorant statements then hides and never returns. As a nurse manager I set these people straight real quick.
  6. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    So I kind of messed up

    Oh god.... Who is this, the nursing police?
  7. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    I was fired for verbal abuse now what happens

    You work with patients with behavior issues and you swore at a patient for acting out?? That is verbal abuse and you should be reported. Also, you work in a group home with several patients with these issues and take them off grounds.....yet your company didn't offer any kind of training to deal with safety/crisis situations?? Seems all too strange to me..... There must be more to this story.
  8. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    Why are some people on here so rude?

    I find the content of your posts very entertaining. Haha
  9. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    Male nurse in injectible/botox

    OP... Don't listen to the ignorance of the previous posters....your question was legit.... I know of nurses in this field and men who also are in this line of work... I say go for it... Talk to others that work in med spas in your area ... I will be opening a med spa/laser hair removal clinic hopefully by late 2016.
  10. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    Do you stalk anyone here?

    It's not stalking if the same posters keep popping up over and over again on your news feed because they post like over 200 times a day. It's amazing how some people on here have way too much time on their hands..... Just saying :-)
  11. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    RANT, sick of certain nurses

  12. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    Umass Boston online RN-BSN Jan 2016

    Has anyone received their BSN through UMass? Did anyone apply for the spring start in 2016? Thinking of applying and just wanted some feedback on the program....thanks!
  13. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    Home Health Psych Nurse

    Also a RN case manager in psych home health. One of the biggest challenges is establishing the therapeutic relationship. Overall, Once you get to know your patients it's not so bad. And of course with certain patients you have to take it day by day. As PP said, the second you don't feel safe, leave. I honestly only felt uneasy about two or three times in six years with patients I didn't know. The only downside is that It is a tremendous amount of charting with all the oasis paperwork ..But I too make so much more money than I did in the hospital... With much better hours. Good luck!
  14. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    School Nurse and Teaching Responsibilities

    I work for a private high school and teach the whole health curriculum. We are a small school so I only have two classes a quarter. I get to plan out what to teach and when. We have certain standards that we have to go by for state requirements (safety/injury prevention, sex ed, etc.). I also teach an anatomy/physiology elective for interested students as well. This is my first quarter teaching the elective and was amazed by how many kids signed up. I didn't think I would like the teaching aspect as much as I do and it gives me a break from office visits.
  15. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    Job Interview and Nervous

    So I have been interested in this field for a while. Actually interviewed with Meditech twice but turned it down due to the extremely low entry level salary. I now have an interview with a local multi hospital system working in IT informatics. I have been hands on nurse for six years and nervous about making the switch. I will keep my home care job per diem so I can still pick up shifts. My question is....what is a typical day like in the office of the IT nurse? The company I will be working for uses meditech. I have to admit, I haven't used Meditech at all since nursing school but was told they wanted RNs with clinical experience. Any thoughts or comments? Thanks.
  16. NewenglandMSNRNBC

    Health Class ideas

    Thanks for all the ideas! Really helps.