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  1. i am mexican american and i have never had any issues.in fact, i wouldnt even want anyone bringing up the fact that im mexican in the same sentence of congratulating me on my career success (if that makes any sense lol). what im trying to say is that i am equal to the person next to me regardless of my or their nationality. i wouldn't say im a successful mexican, but rather a successful person.i do think its a shame if someone is mistreated because of their nationality. we have physicians at my hospital that are from other countries and its hard to understand them.there can be language barriers and its ignorant to disrespect someone because of their accent.for me i am a person, a human, not a race. i do embrace my culture, but its not measured in my success.
  2. ange26s

    Med/ Surg Patient to Nurse Ratio

    i work on a busy 37 bed medical/telemetry unit.we have a max of 6 pts day or night.typically i get 5.with the acuity of our pts we should really get 4.i could not imagine getting moe than 6! to me thats compromising pt safety and your license.we have a monitor tech,secretary,2-3 nursing aids,a charge nurse that takes 1-3 pts, a resource nurse that does not take pts but helps w/admission and discharge pp and helps with any questions if ur pt starts to crash or u st to drown! we also have an iv team,respiratory therapy,etc. and to be honesti think i work at a horrible hospital.we all think our ratios need to be less.i always feel so overwhelmed and like im missing something.our pts r really sick and i think if our ratio increased alot of people would quit including me!
  3. ange26s

    Zero Confidence and Scared! eeek!!

    I definitly feel the same! I have been precepting for a month now and Im up to 3 patients,but I feel like I have NO clue what Im doing half the time and Im soo slow! Im constantly nervous when giving meds and Im always forgetting to do things.My preceptor has been great,but I feel like shes picking up my slack.My charting is always behind,I forget to check orders or I spend too much time on one thing which messes me up with another thing.Im scared Im gonna be that nurse everyone hates to work with or receive report from.My preceptor wants me to build myself up to four patients next week,but I dont feel ready.I feel like I havent got the balance between paperwork and procedures,and I feel like I never will.Its like as soon as I step on the unit after receiving report Im looking up labs,meds,assessing,then start giving meds(which takes me forever),checking orders,calling the docs over import info,calling pharmacy for not having a med on the unit which puts me behind,changing tubings,st IV,D/C pt,doing an admission,turning pt,etc....... I can't keep up!sometimes I dont use the bathroom till late afternoon.I watch the other nurses just doing their thing with no prob. I feel like Im never going to get to that point.Trust me,you are not alone!
  4. hello all! first i would like to say this thread is not meant to offend anybody,but just give a little personal insight on my feeling about med-surg.i am a new grad working med-surg for about 4wks now.i work 3 12hour dayshifts.when i was in ns i never knew what i wanted to to do.i had friends that just knew they wanted to work mother-baby or pacu,etc. not me! so i made the decision to work med-surg because i felt it would give me a nice foundation and may steer me in the direction of a more specialized area.so with that here i am.i honestly like it.i love being a nurse,i like my patient population,and im just going with the flow.are things perfect? no they are not.we are short staffed,we have some negative people, and it gets tough.im lucky because i have an awesome preceptor.i have taken on 3 patients so far and im building up to 6.what bothers me more than anything is when people say ugly things about med-surg such as "yuck" or "gross" how demeaning is that to my patients? they dont want to be there and when someone says a crude remark about my choice to be a med-surg nurse it upsets me.i have had loved ones that had to be in the hospital on a med-surg floor,and when someone says its a "dirty" floor i feel like they are calling my loved one dirty.and this same feeling i have goes toward my patients.these people are sick and some are dying.i think its great if someone loves what they do for a living and we as nurses need to show eachother respect fo the areas we chose!
  5. ange26s

    Can't stop talking about nursing school?

    Hang in there everyone,before you know it you will have your much deserved title!I can't believe I'm done with NS and I'm an RN now.I remember coming to this site while doing my prereqs and just waiting for the day to say I'm an RN! Stay strong and never forget these days when you do finish.always stay humble and remember how hard you worked and how bad you wanted to become a nurse!I wish you all the best