sports bras?

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I was wondering since CNA work is alot of moving around do any of you all wear sports bras to help support the girls?

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Although my 'girls' are not that big, I have been wearing sports bras to work for almost ten years. They're comfortable. When I wear an underwire bra for 12 hours, I'm dying to unsnap it as soon as my shift ends.

I stopped wearing normal bras to's a waste of a good bra to wear it at work. Sports bras for me!

Spots bras or tanks with bras built in. I wouldn't make it 12 hours with an underwire digging at me.

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All I wear now is sports bras, mostly T backs or built ins. I can't wear underwire bras anymore because I had a lumpectomy several years ago.

I only wear sports bras to work. Underwire bras make my back hurt after a long shift

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Sports bra! Underwire bra is not comfortable at all for that long.

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Underwire bras are no longer an option for those of us who have had lumpectomies or mastectomies, and sports bras are a comfortable alternative.

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I rock the sports bras. Way more comfortable and they don't create sweat and strap irritation issues like regular bras.

Yes!! And I am endowed uptop.

Under Armour makes large cup sizes they zip in the front and I love it!

I can tell you which ones I love if you are so inclined to listen. :)

I am a 32F, so I know the pain of the boobage lol :D

Sports bra, never anything but! I have about a million of the foam bandini by Barely There...I have almost every color and I wear one every day! I like that it's a little padded in case it gets cold, but it's still just as comfortable as a normal sports bra! And they last forever too, which is nice.

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I'm a huge fan of ENELL bras for sports bras. I'm a 40F so I gotta make sure they're secure lol!!

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