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  1. jordiRN

    Coma scale

    On our unit (ICU), we do GCS either Q2, Q4, or Q6. It's a quick and easy way to document any changes in LOC and it doesn't take too long!
  2. Hey, I'm all for that! But that's not our policy, so we have to change them. Not trying to say it's best policy, just our current one...so it should be followed by everyone unless there's a documented reason why it shouldn't. It looks bad on me when I come in to find a 10 day old PIV and have to change it because none of my coworkers wanted to go through the trouble.
  3. Leaving empty wrappers everywhere but in the trash! Leaving in a PIV longer than policy because "it works fine" or the patient is a hard stick. At least TRY to get a new one started, or call IV therapy if you tried and failed. Don't just leave it for the next nurse to deal with. Taking off my patients' BP cuffs and leaving them off when you leave the room. Absolutely take it off if you need to, but please remember to leave things as you found them! I have at least hourly vitals to get, and I don't want to miss a set for a silly reason like that.
  4. jordiRN

    Bags for the workplace

    Yep those are it! Both the horizontal tote and vertical tote have a laptop slot and are big enough to be school bags. I have the horizontal one and love it...some of my friends had the vertical one and loved it too! Can't go wrong :)
  5. jordiRN

    Bags for the workplace

    P.s. I monogrammed all of my cinda b :)
  6. jordiRN

    Bags for the workplace

    I'm currently OBSESSED with cinda b bags. Check out her website. They're similar to Vera Bradley, but they're made of a nylon fabric that is water and stain resistant...and totally cavi-wipe-able. She makes several tote bags that would be big enough for a clipboard, books, whatever you'd need to put in it. And they're made in the USA which is a plus!
  7. I'm a new nurse in orientation in the ICU. I've already learned so much, and I can't wait to learn even more! My preceptor and the nurses on my unit are great about sharing their "secrets of success," and I would love to hear yours. What makes your day easier, more efficient, less of a hassle? A few examples of what I've learned: Make "bed rolls" when you have down time that can be used for changing beds - a clean fitted sheet, draw sheet, and chux all pre-rolled and ready to go. Wrap a warm blanket around a patient's hand if the pulse ox is having a hard time picking up their pulse/sats. Put a chux over the bedpan/beside commode pan for easy clean up. Suck on a peppermint/tic tac when dealing with icky smells. I'm sure there has been much advice given on this site, so sorry if I'm being repetitive. Just wanted a good collection of it all of it in one place!
  8. jordiRN

    Pay for parking?

    I don't pay for parking, but there is no designated employee parking. There's just a huge parking garage that visitors and employees alike May park in for free. Fine with me because it's free covered parking!!
  9. jordiRN

    What's your Myers-Briggs personality type?

    ESTP in critical care
  10. jordiRN


    Heck no you didn't lose your chance. As long as they have the right resume then you're fine on that front. Chances are they'll just disregard the first one you sent as if it never happened.
  11. jordiRN

    Best transition into ICU/CCU?

    A stepdown unit or a telemetry unit would both be beneficial...you'll learn a lot either place 👍
  12. jordiRN

    Scrubs for a tiny girl with a J Lo booty

    I'm no size 2, but my booty does take me up from the 6 my waist says I should wear to a nice 8 or 10. I love my Koi scrubs for so many reasons. In particular, the Lindsey pants and the Kaitlyn and Justine tops. Tons of pockets in the pants, elastic AND drawstring for keeping them up, and the tops are long enough to cover up any slips without being TOO long. Best wishes!
  13. jordiRN

    Winging the NCLEX

    I passed in 75 with very little preparation. My school did put us through Hurst in our last month before graduation, so keep in mind that I had that under my belt. But other than sitting through the class, I didn't do hardly any preparation on my own. I say the following not to brag, but to put my lack of preparation into perspective: I have always been a good test taker. Even if I didn't know the material 100% I could always figure out the right answers and get a decent grade. So I treated the NCLEX like the SAT or most other tests I've taken and didn't do a whole lot of outside studying. I had the mindset of "well, if I don't know it by now, it's either not that important or too confusing to cram into my head for one test." Best of luck to you!
  14. jordiRN

    Nursing Jobs/Salaries

    @mee9mee9 I think they mean it's just easier to get lost in the crowd. HCA is a big company, and like at any big company, it's hard to cater to the needs of each individual employee. Also my friends at the HCA hospitals are mostly not on med surg floors, so the environment there may be completely different!
  15. jordiRN

    Ice Bucket challenge

    I did the challenge, donated a small amount, and challenged several others to do the same. I know my $10 doesn't really amount to much in the grand scheme of things, but I think it's so wonderful how much awareness this social media trend has brought to such a devastating disease. ALS is on the radar of so many more people now than it has ever been before. Also I've seen several videos of people with ALS or family of ALS patients who have done the challenge and express nothing but gratitude for the rise of this challenge and the spotlight it has put on this disease. So yes, my news feed is clogged up with videos of the ALS ice bucket challenge...but I don't mind one bit.
  16. jordiRN

    Tired of searching for CRNA Interview Questions??

    Also would love the answer to that. And if you studied outside of work for these interview questions, what resources did you use?