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Although we are just starting out, have any of you thought about what specialty you will go into? I know it's early and we may change our minds, but as of right now........ what specialty are you considering?

I really love kids. For a while, I thought I'd want to get into pediatric nursing. I am unsure now, because I've thought of how hard it would be for me to watch a child suffer or die, or deal with cases like neglect/abuse. It would destroy me. I still consider it, because I want to be one of the positive influences in a child with a situation like that, but I really don't know if I'll be able to handle it. :(


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I knew going into nursing that my goal was to become a CNM. Now that I've graduated, that hasn't changed. :)

I also want to become a midwife after working a few years in nursing. BUT I'm in my second semester at a community college right now so who knows it might change. ☺️

I'm the same way Floaty! I LOOOOVE kids but I wonder if I'd be able to handle the very traumatic cases like you stated. I don't want to be crying with the families ya know? I've become very indecisive because of it.

OB....and maybe one day become a CNM as well. But again, that may change in the next 2 years.

I'm thinking OR. I would love to get a placement in something like that during school. I'm also interested in research.


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Family nurse practitioner. Currently I work in critical care. I like that much better than when I worked telemetry and med-surg. I think I would enjoy the ER, but I wouldn't enjoy the small children coming in after being raped. Also in the ER you are at a higher risk of being injured by patients. As a FNP I will have more autonomy to help my patients, along with more responsibility. I can also work a 9-5

Pediatrics is first choice, ER or trauma second choice. Out of school anything that will give me more experience to get me closer to specialty preference.

SopranoKris, BSN, RN

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Try to keep an open mind! When I first started nursing school, I wanted nothing to do with OB/Maternity. I was dreading that rotation. I ended up loving it. Although my passion is still ER/ICU, I wouldn't say no to OB, if the option arose.

Don't peg yourself into one area before you've even started. :)

Im thinking I would want ER or ICU. I don't think I would like OB/L&D but Peds could be an option.

mindofmidwifery, ADN

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When I become an RN, I really want to be in L&D but my ultimate goal is to become a CNM :)

NurseGirl525, ASN, RN

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I would like to do pediatric oncology or maybe hospice care. I would like to do ER at some point also. Keeping my options open.

verene, MSN

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Right now my passion is mental health, so I could really see myself in psychiatric nursing and/or alcohol/drug rehabilitation. I've love to become a family mental health nurse practitioner focusing in those areas. I also really enjoy hospice work too though, so I might end up there, or maybe even physical rehab.

My top choices are Pediatrics, ER, and psychiatric. In the future, my ultimate career goal is to become a FNP for low income families.

I was 16 when I decided I would become a nurse to take care of preemies in the NICU. I am now 21, and starting my first year in nursing school. Although my end goal is still to become a NICU nurse, I have realized that experience should come first. I would enjoy working a few years as a L&D nurse, and then PICU. During these years I would obtain my BSN, and then apply to a NICU.

I would also love to be a prenatal, and postnatal NP. Similar to being a midwife. I would set up a clinic with a MD, where he/she and I share the responsibilities. He could be delivering a baby, while I'm doing an ultra sound at the office. (But this is just a silly dream)

OB is my absolute passion... it was by far my favorite clinical rotation in PN school and is pretty much the ONLY reason that I am bridging from PN to RN. I also like geriatrics, but my ultimate goal is to be working in L&D.

Key Lime Pie

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I'm really interested in forensic nursing, specifically getting my SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) certification.