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  1. Specialty

    I also want to become a midwife after working a few years in nursing. BUT I'm in my second semester at a community college right now so who knows it might change. ☺️
  2. New Plan to get my degree

    The time you will spend on getting your adn is pretty much the same time it will take for you to get your bsn. I say go for your bsn, same time & more money.
  3. GED and Nursing

    I am so glad I found this thread. I also dropped out of high school my junior year. & I am in community college right now taking my general class's & I'm starting my second semester this fall. They are right, it doesn't matter if you have a G...
  4. Mount St. Mary's Fall 2014 ADN

    OMG thank you so much for replying. I thought no one would but I still gave it a try. Okay, is there any reason/s why you would choose msmc rather than wcu? I just want some feedback because I still have not decided ): Thank so much for taking the ti...
  5. Mount St. Mary's Fall 2014 ADN

    Hi Hun. I had a question. I am in community college hoping to get into the bsn program at msmc next year. I am curious to know if I get my bsn at msmc will I be able to transfer my degree to a cal state or a UC for a masters degree. I was originally ...
  6. Hi everyone. I want to attend Mount St Marys Nursing BSN program but not if I can't transfer my degree to a CAL STATE or UC after to get my masters degree. I also wanted to attend West Coast University but didn't for the fact that you can't transfer ...
  7. Mount st marys in LA. The above question is the only question I have. Thank you!
  8. Admitted CSULA Fall 2013 Basic BSN program!

    Hi everyone, was wondering how long it took for you ladies to get accepted into the program? Did you wait 2 years? Or did you ladies get in immediately. Please write back I am very interested in knowing the waiting period thank you.
  9. Hi everyone. I am in community college and would like to transfer into Mount St Marys Bsn Program. For any one attending can you please give me your personal experience, what's it like.. Any advice? & for those who graduated how long till you fou...
  10. Pierce College Nursing - Fall 2014 !!

    Hi classy boxer. I am starting my second semester this fall at LA mission college. I want to transfer into a four year college to get my bsn but I will also be applying to pierce just in case I don't get into a university. I hope that I will not be p...
  11. Pre-Nursing Student advice & HELP!

    Hi mindofmidwifery. I'm sorry but I didn't understand.. What was your biggest mistake the first year? Not being focused? Do you want to be a midwife in the long run? Because if so I do too (: Thank you!
  12. Pre-Nursing Student advice & HELP!

    Hi everyone! I am 20 years old, attending my second semester this fall at a community college. I live in southern California and my dream is to become a nurse. I have a GED instead of a high school diploma which is why I am attending community colleg...
  13. GED, CC then transfer?

    Hi everyone. I only have my GED. I am attending community college and want to transfer into a UC or calstate as an upperdivision for a bsn. I want to know if my GED will affect me transfering into a bsn program. Should i go back and get my high schoo...