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  1. Hi! I was hoping I could get some help as far as nursing licensure in New York State. Once I send in the application for my Practical Nursing licensure, do I need to wait for anything before I can register for the NCLEX? Or can I do it immediately? Does it even matter at all if I apply for licensure first or not? I'm very confused at how to do this.
  2. FloatyFlowers

    2015 Current LPN Pay

    I live in the Corning, NY area. As a new grad, the hospitals/LTC facilities in my area start around $13.35/hr for LPNs. Some go up to $15-17/hr, with shift differentials. Private duty Medicaid nursing, which is what I am about to be doing (! graduated last week :)), starts off at $21.89/hour in my county if you work with a non-medically fragile child. If you do work with a medically-fragile child, the starting rate in my county is $28.46/hour. I'll be working with a medically fragile child. :)
  3. FloatyFlowers

    Training to work with medically fragile children

    Can you answer my original question? I am paid partially through a local disability center, and the parents pick up the rest of my pay out of pocket. This case has several nurses and other specialists involved.
  4. FloatyFlowers

    Training to work with medically fragile children

    I'm not being paid by Medicaid now as I haven't graduated yet and am currently employed as their personal care attendant. I will have to look more into this as I was wondering myself. Thanks! :)
  5. FloatyFlowers

    Training to work with medically fragile children

    Nope, LPNs are able to be independent providers here. :) For more info, you can check http://emedny.org.
  6. Hi all! I'm an LPN student graduating in two weeks. I currently provide care for a young boy with several disabilities deeming him medically fragile. Upon graduation, I will become his Private Duty Nurse through Medicaid. Here in NY, nurses get an extra 30% of their rate added on for working with a medically fragile child. However, the form to fill out for this enhanced rate(https://www.emedny.org/info/ProviderEnrollment/ProviderMaintForms/432301_MEDFRAGPGM_Medically_Fragile_Children_Program.pdf) mentions training on skills with medically fragile children. I'm unsure of where to find training for this. I've Googled with no real help. Anybody know what I can do? Is there an online class somewhere? Or am I misunderstanding? Thanks in advance! :)
  7. FloatyFlowers

    Medicaid pay rate for PDN LPNs in New York State?

    For anyone following this post who is curious, I made a TON of phone calls today and finally was told that it varies by county, but in my county (Steuben) LPNs start off at $21.89/hour, and one county over is only like a 65 cent difference or something. On top of that, you do get the 30% extra totalling a bit over $28/hour if you work with a medically fragile child. :)
  8. Hi all! I'm currently employed with a wonderful family as a personal care assistant for a 7 year old medically fragile child. The family has asked that I stay as his personal nurse upon graduation of my LPN program, which is three weeks away. I am looking to find out how much Medicaid pays LPNs for private duty nursing in the state of New York (not NYC - just upstate), but I can't seem to find anything online. Does anyone know? The patient's mother told me they start between 21-25/hour with a 30% pay increase for working with a medically fragile child.
  9. FloatyFlowers

    ATI PN Predictor exit exam

    Wow, thanks! I have that book and I didn't even think to check if I could use it on Evolve! Thanks! :)
  10. FloatyFlowers

    What like of supplies will I need for nursing school?

    Get some stackable folder organizers for at home, so you can have somewhere to put your papers and folders for school! I also recommend getting a special storage area for your clinical things like your stethoscope, watch, name badge, etc. I have a small Rubbermaid thing that has 3 drawers and I keep all my clinical equipment in there so I don't lose it. Aside from that, you'll want the obvious things: notebooks, binders, paper, folders, pens, highlighters, index cards, and bigger notecards for when you get into pharmacology. Trust me on this, the big ones are a godsend. Also, maybe some rings to put the cards on. And a ROLLING BAG, not a backpack. You're going to have so damn many books, please save your back and get a bag that rolls with a handle. I use a luggage case for mine! Some other helpful things might include a planner, a stock supply of healthy snacks and water, and some compression socks for when you start clinicals - they'll help your feet to not feel like they're dying. Congratulations and good luck! :)
  11. FloatyFlowers

    How long do Titer Test results take?

    I went on a Friday to get my immunizations. I had tetanus and MMR, then went two days later (Sunday) to have the titer read for MMR and hep b. They called me Tuesday with my results. So in total, 4 days.
  12. What are co-reqs? And thank you!! :)
  13. Thank you. This is what I was confused about.
  14. Thank you! This is the answer I was looking for.
  15. FloatyFlowers

    Good communities upstate?

    Hi! I currently live in Elmira, New York (do not recommend) but it is close to Painted Post and Corning, which are both very nice areas and have a pretty high demand for nurses. There are a lot of hospitals around me. The average salary of a registered nurse here, according to Indeed's website, is $79,000. Good luck! I hope this helps some.
  16. Hello everyone - I am 22 years old and got my GED last summer. I am supposed to start school this fall for Nursing. I have to take my assessment test on July 8th. (If it matters, it is at Corning Community College in New York.) I know absolutely nothing about this. If I don't pass the assessment, is that how I will know if I need pre-reqs, or are they required for everyone? If I need them, how long will they take before I can actually begin my nursing classes? I am going for ADN (RN). Thanks in advance to anyone who replies. I know this is probably a really stupid question.