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  1. work, school and family balance

    Have you looked into making freezer meals? My friend does it bc she works crazy hours. She makes breakfast items, dinners, burritos. She puts the instructions on the container and just makes sure her husband has any fresh things he needs. Just someth...
  2. Is my school the only one?

    ]Not in school yet but here is my CC's set up 30 hours Pre-req/Gen ed Classes. Fundamentals of Nursing (1st Semester) - 8 ]Medical Surgical Nursing (2nd Semester) - 5 Psychiatric Nursing (2nd Semester) - 4 Maternal Nursing (3rd Semester) ...
  3. Specialty

    Im thinking I would want ER or ICU. I don't think I would like OB/L&D but Peds could be an option.
  4. If you werent a nurse, what other career would you do?

    Not a nurse yet but I would want to be an anthropologist.
  5. post your fall class schedule

    Only have M & W classes. A & P II Lecture A & P II Lab College Algebra After this semester I'll only have Micro & Lab left to take for all my gen ed & pre-reqs.
  6. Sociology

    I must be weird because I love sociology but it also was one of my majors before realizing my moms dream were not mine. I would do sexuality and relationships if you don't clep out of it.
  7. NLN PAX

    I have the study book too and I've talked to people in my class and others in the nursing class. Everyone says their tests are different. One girl told me she had more anatomy on her test in the science area than anything and another hardly had any. ...
  8. How much education do you plan on receiving?

    Im getting my ADN first then my BSN, and eventually my Masters in something. Im from NE Arkansas and RNs with just their ADN have no issues getting jobs at the hospitals around here. I actually know more nurses with their ADN than their BSN.
  9. What do you like/dislike about Pre-Nursing?

    The stress over grades and test scores...
  10. I know in TN, there is some program for single mothers going through school, maybe Illinois has something like that? Her school is paid for and she gets assistance with rent and other household bills.
  11. A & P final grades are in, what's urs

    I got a C. Im actually proud of myself because I didnt even think I would pass. Science is not my strong subject and being out of school for a while got to me. We started out with 19 of us in class and ended with 7 at the end of the semester. I know ...
  12. Rent or Buy A&P Texts?

    Find out if its the same book for both A&P 1 and 2. We use the same book for both classes. So I just bought mine even though I usually rent.
  13. Can i still make it even though i got a c in a&p?

    This was my first semester back after a year long break. (Former english/sociology student) I got a C in A & P I. my advisor told me just to do well in my future classes.
  14. Help with A&P

    What is everyone's trick to passing A&P. My school does each course separately. Anatomy is one class and Physiology is separate. I do know I will be getting the anatomy coloring book I found on Amazon because who doesn't like to color? lol I got ...
  15. KCKCC TEAS score and GPA to get in.

    What was everyone's TEAS score and GPA they had when they got accepted? I'm worried that my GPA will be too low even though they say you only need a 2.5. Thanks in advance!