SO! What are you all taking?

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SO! What are you all taking this semester??


Chem I

Chem I Lab


A&P I Lab

Foundations of Nursing


Any study buddies? :)


I am taking

Professional practice 1 w/clinicals

Nursing Seminar 1

Health Management 1


Ethical theory

I did average in chemistry but I did good in anatomy and foundations of nursing so I can help you with those. I believe ethical theory is the same as ethics so we can help each other with that.

world lit I

chemistry for health sciences

chem lab

american civilization from 18something

nursing concepts

nursing concepts lab

nursing assessment

nursing assessment lab

I write it like this on purpose....allot of people don't realize when you have lab's with courses, they are just like having another class!!:eek:

Community Health Nursing (didactic)

Community Health Nursing (practicum)

Psych Nursing (didactic)

Psych Nursing (practicum)

It's a light semester for me....YIPPEE!!!!:p

Well since I have already taken all of my English, Sciences, Math, and whatever else general type course their is, I will be taking:

Nursing 1 9hours (which I don't know if that is Fundamentals and Med/Surg or separately)

Pharmacological Math 1hour

Clinicals on Wednesday 8hours

See ya Later,


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I'm taking:


developmental psychology

psych statistics

nursing 203 (i think health promotion, its my 2nd nurs class)

food science and nutrition

I did really well in anatomy and physiology and in my first nursing class. I don't know how much i really learned in chem, I did pretty good but it was all because of the scale. If you ever have questions, i'd be glad to help.

Hey everybody!

here is my list:

Critical Care Nursing

Rural Public Health

Death and Dying

Care Coordination (staff managment)

Professional Socialization

American Institutional History (my last core!!! woohoo!)

Plus 16 hours of clinical per week!

17 credit hours!

I am taking the following course for block I

Nursing Process and Critical Thinking

Health Assessment


Nursing Science (Lab)



English 2

American History since 1865

Interpersonal Communications

All core classes this semester and next semester and then I start the nursing classes in Fall of 2002.


Ok, my school lumps everything together so this is my fall schedule:

Intro to Principles & Practices of Nursing

(Sept 5 - Oct 12)

Principles & Practices of Nursing I

(Oct 12- semester finish).

For each of these courses we have at least 2 hours of lab time per week, only 4 hours of lecture (! this seems strange to me), and 2 days of clinical. The clinicals are 6 hours, so that's 12 hours of clinical per week to start. I believe the time increases as we progress in the program, so that by the time we graduate we're accustomed to a normal shift with a customary patient load.

You should see the uniforms. White tops, white bottoms, white *duty* shoes (as in, no all white skechers, as was my plan), and these ugly blue and white pin-striped vests. I look like a candy striper.



I am taking A & P, English II, Psychology and communications. Feeling overwhelmed with the volume there is to learn in A & P. I'm using Martini 5th Ed. for A & P...looking for study buddy.


Email me [email protected]

We're using the same book for A&P!!! I just read the first chapter last night to be prepared for my first class on monday. You're right about the overwhelming amounts of info.

Let's talk more!!

--zannie :)

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