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I am a second year nursing student at the University of Rhode Island

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  1. manaAJ2

    Question about Marfan syndrome

    I'm going to be a junior in a BSN program, but I do know a friend with Marfan syndrome. It is a syndrome of the connective tissue if i can remember right. Its categorized by very long limbs, and people with the disease are at a great risk of cardiac problems because the major vessels can become very thin. The person I know with it had major cardiac surgery when he was only 5 years old. I also know that the disorder can affect your eyesight too. Hope this helps
  2. manaAJ2

    Peadiatric or ER

    I'm only a junior in a BSN program at the University of Rhode Island, but I am positive i'm going into pediatrics. Although i do think emergency medicine would be interesting and exciting, I think certain people are just meant to work with children. I've worked with kids my entire life, and am currently working as a medical assistant/ student nurse at a pediatrician's office for the summer. I really love comforting kids and parents and find it very rewarding. I think if you believe you are the type of person meant to work with kids, then go for pediatrics. If you are interested more in the adrenaline rush and excitement of the ER , go for that. Or try for a pediatric emergency room. good luck!
  3. manaAJ2

    What do you wear to nursing school?

    I'd just wear whatever you wore that day to the financial aids office. I don't think your wardrobe would matter. As for clinicals, it depends at our school where it is. For our community clinical we had to wear polo shirts with our school name on it and nametags with khakis. For most of our hospital clinicals its all white scrubs, with the exception of pediatrics. Students in our nursing classes just wear casual clothes, from jeans to skirts, whatever they feel like wearing. good luck:D
  4. manaAJ2

    Looking for a good school.

    I"m gonna be a junior at the University of Rhode Island's college of nursing. I am also interested in Pediatrics. When I was 18 I started volunteering at a Children's hospital nearby and I love it. I definitely want to go into pediatrics directly out of college. I've always wanted to work in medicine and with children, i mean there are times when I get scared and wonder if I might not be able to handle inflicting pain on children, but I know that by witnessing the nurses and patients at the hospital i volunteer at, most of the nurses and kids have great relationships and I"m almost one hundred percent positive thats what i want to do with my life!good luck finding a school!
  5. I took the psych statistics course over the math one. My advisor told me that it would be more relevant. "if you want to be a farmer and count cows, take the math statistics course, but if you want a class that will pertain more to what you are doing, take the psych one". I believe the psych course was harder than the math one at my school (I go to the university of RI), but it wasn't that bad and I found it more interesting I think than a math one. hope this helps
  6. manaAJ2

    why did you decide to do this????

    I am a sophomore nursing student and I'm not really sure how I came across the idea of being a nurse. I just knew I was interested in medical stuff and I really liked helping people. When I was 16 I started volunteering at a hospital and fell in love with being around nurses and doctors, and especially the patients. I found what the nurses did amazing, and I realized that one person can make such a big difference in a person's life. I learned as a volunteer that doing something as simple as getting a sick person a glass of gingerale or fixing their pillow, or just talking to them can make such a huge difference. When I was 18 I started volunteering at a children's hospital as a child life volunteer and fell in love with it. I admired the nurses there so much, for what they did for the families and the children. I want a job where I felt my time was well spent. I dont want a job where the only purpose is to make money. I want my job to have meaning. Someone once told me that a good way to decide on a career / job was to think of something that you wouldn't mind doing for free. NURSING is that thing for me. Although I know it will be stressful, and I know there will be tough times, I know that that is what I want to do, and I know that I will get great satisfaction knowing I made a big difference in the lives of many people.:)
  7. manaAJ2

    I'm bored!!!

    I just got home 3 days ago and I'm already bored! I live at school so not only do I miss having tons of stuff to do, I miss all my friends!!! I"m homesick, the opposite way around. I'm excited to start my first clinical next semester and can't wait to go back to school. Classes for me don't start till January 20th, so I have a long way! I'm going to go NUTS! Well, everyone enjoy your Christmas or Holiday Break! I'm going to try to!
  8. manaAJ2

    What program are you in?

    I am in the BSN program at the University of Rhode Island!! I'm a sophmore in this 4 year program. REalizing now that this year is a lot harder than freshman year, but i'm hoping all the hard work is worth it. good luck to everyone!
  9. manaAJ2

    nursing student needs advice

    I am a sophomore in the nursing program at the University of Rhode Island. Right now I'm debating if I should do the honors program here. To do the honors program I have to take the colloquium, a class where you go to lectures from famous speakers on a specific topic then have discussions. The topic this year though is about ecology and the environment. I'm not really interested in this class and am thinking about dropping it. My question is if graduating with honors is going to help me get a job after I graduate. I have a really good gpa right now and don't want to go through with the program if its not going to help me. Any advice/opinions would be great! thanks
  10. manaAJ2

    SO! What are you all taking?

    I'm taking: microbiology developmental psychology psych statistics nursing 203 (i think health promotion, its my 2nd nurs class) food science and nutrition I did really well in anatomy and physiology and in my first nursing class. I don't know how much i really learned in chem, I did pretty good but it was all because of the scale. If you ever have questions, i'd be glad to help.
  11. manaAJ2

    Infant abduction

    I am also a nursing student and volunteer at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, RI. Hasbro has parent banding. Their website is http://www.lifespan.org and just click on hasbro children's hospital for information.
  12. I'm going to be a sophomore in the BSN program at the University of RI. Right now I'm volunteering at a children's hospital and love it to death. I love kids and really want to get a nursing job in pediatrics right after I graduate. Is it possible to get a job in pediatrics right out of college with no experience? Also, I eventually want to go to graduate school and am wondering what different options you have if you want to work in pediatrics. thanks!
  13. manaAJ2

    Nursing is pathetic...

    Wow, i can't believe all the replys! I"m a nursing student and reading all of nursedudes's replys is really discouraging. AFter college I really want to be a pediatric nurse, and later get my masters. Right now i work at a children's hospital and the majority of the nurses I work with love their job. I love all the patients there and enjoy making a difference in their lives. I have seen nurses make tremendous changes in children's lives and can't wait to do the same. And I guess they don't make a lot in the pittsburgh area because in the northeast the average pay for an RN is around 40,000. Sure its not a profession thats going to make you rich, but I'm definitely not in it for the money.
  14. manaAJ2

    Discouraged and needing encouragement

    I'm going into my sophomore year at URI in the BSN program. I used to volunteer in HS at a hospital where I met some nurses who were like "why are you going into nursing!" I guess you're always going to meet people who hate their jobs. Right now i work at a children's hospital and most of the nurses enjoy their work tremendously. I can't wait to be finished school and work in a pediatric hospital. I love making a difference in patient's lives, and I think thats what its all about. Don't get discouraged by what other people say, even though at times its hard. I am enjoying nursing school a great deal and can't wait to go back in the fall.
  15. I'm going to be starting clinicals this year also. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I wish there were more male nurses. I hate when people make fun of male nurses (for example in "meet the parents", although I did think that movie was really funny). But honestly, I work at a hospital and the male nurses I know are great and are treated with a lot of respect. I think its mostly out of the medical community where they are sometimes thought of lightly, mostly by those who have no idea what being a nurse entails and is all about. In my nursing class freshman year we had 4 male students, and i thought they were awesome guys. good luck!
  16. manaAJ2

    What has been your Favorite Class?

    I think probably my favorite class so far, i'm only going to be a sophomore in the fall, was anatomy. I didn't really like all of the work, but i loved lab and found it really interesting. It also helped having a really hot, super nice, TA teaching our lab. But i am very excited to start clinicals next year and can't wait to do my peds clinical, since after college I hope to go into pediatrics.