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I'm 25 and attending a BSN program at Shenandoah University. I'm currently a first year student.

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  1. zannie

    "NEW" 25 to 35 yr. old students

    I'm 27... I started a 4 year nursing program 2 years ago, but then left in the first semester when I got pregnant and was having some complications. I've since opted to switch to the local community college's 2 year program. So for the summer, fall and spring I'm taking prereq's and applying for the nursing program there next fall. :) I have 1 child... Brucie, currently 10 months old. I commute to the school further away b/c my mom is on the way and I drop Brucie off with her. :) --zannie :) --zannie :)
  2. zannie

    What do you dissect in A&P Lab?

    we didn't disect anything... we just looked at and poked around an already disected cat.
  3. zannie

    I am a slacker

    homework isn't my problem... it's dragging myself to class...!! ugh. It's summer, my class is in the evening and I have to drag my poor 10 month old out to my mom's past his bedtime.... who wants to do all that. Day classes for me from now on!!!! I find that if I open my book and notebook on my dining room table (which we don't use) and leave it there and do a little bit at a time every few hours or so... it breaks it up! :)
  4. zannie

    Not into this evening class thing...!!

    Marilyn, Yes, they do... in fact, next semester I'm gonna do 1 online course and 2 campus courses. :) I wanted to take this one online but the online class was full. sigh... --zan :)
  5. zannie

    Philosophy 211, ethical problems??

    i took ethics in the fall of 2001 - I have to retake it b/c I withdrew when I was pregnant and experiencing problems. I was at the very end of the course too. grr. Anyway... I am soooo not looking forward to taking it again. But I have to!! I've been putting it off... I think I might take it in the fall and get it overwith. Not only was it boring, but I hated the professor too. Maybe if I'd liked the professor that would have made it more bearable! You have my sympathies! :)
  6. This is the first class I've ever taken in the evening... and it's just not for me!!! I'm glad it's a shortened semester b/c of summer... 10 weeks. (1 down, 9 to go). I have a baby, so I'm on the go go go all day long and I need the evening to relax and hang out with hubby when baby goes to sleep, but instead, after a long day, I gotta get in the car, commute 45 minutes to school and take a late class. And as if taking a night course wasn't bad enough in and of itself... it's just a math course, so it's boring as heck. At least if it was something I was super eager about it'd be better. I don't have to take night classes - my hubby works a rotating shift, so he's not home in the evenings a lot of the time... my mom babysits when he's not here... but, I thought I'd give it a try. Ah well... now I know. :) I should have known though b/c I'm a morning person, not a night person.... Wierd thing though, I used to work evenings at the hospital and that didn't seem to bother me as much? Maybe b/c I liked it..? hrm. Thanks for letting me vent... Do you prefer days or evenings? :) --zannie :)
  7. zannie

    I Made an A!!!!

  8. zannie

    Summer Classes Start Today!!

    Thanks Nini, good luck to you too!!! those 4 hour twice/week ENG sessions get long and hot! heheh. At least mine did - I did ENG in the first 6 week session of a summer semester too! I think I mentioned that to ya before though! :) I really like my math class thus far! In fact, I'd venture to even say that I think this might be my favorite professor I've had yet! Although I'm a bit freaked out... I think he's younger than me!!!! I'm so used to always being the youngest in things.... I don't like this getting older stuff. hehehehe. :) (no offense to anyone older, I am, of course, teasing)
  9. zannie

    College Algebra

    I'm taking a general math course that is half algebra half statistics... I really like it so far (summer course)... maybe you could try something like that... you learn the algebra, but it's not the sole focus of the class. :)
  10. P.S. - keep in mind that these expensive colleges are used to people who can't afford to go there!!!!!!!! There are the rare few that can afford to just pay that kind of tuition outright... but not many!!!! The finanacial aid offices are VERY helpful! Apply for admission and go to the financial aid people and say "I want to go here, I can't afford it, what can I do?"
  11. Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA (where I attended the first year before I got pregnant) was 16,000/year (w/o books and other fees). You can do it!!! What you'll need to do is fill out your state's financial aid form and submit it to wherever they say to submit it to... Also search and see if your state has any private school grants... (va has the VTAG grant - which is only 300 bucks, but better than nothing - for students who go to private colleges). Then go to their financial aid office after you know that your state has received your student aid application.... What happened to me was... they said "Ok, you've filled out the FAFSA (our state's financial aid) and you applied for the VTAG.... we have these 3 nursing grants we can apply........ that leaves you owing 1200 bucks... do you wanna pay cash or take out a loan for that?" It was much easier than I thought it would be!!!!! 1200 for the year was MUCH more doable than 16,000!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::HUGS::
  12. zannie

    Summer Classes Start Today!!

    Hey Nini!!!! I know you.
  13. Anyone else? Whatcha taking over the summer? I'm just taking a math class that I so desparately need! First class is today! Anyone else? --zannie :)
  14. zannie

    Child care financial aid

    I won't get reimbursed for anything either. I looked on our financial aid application form and there's nothing there for child care!
  15. I was watching Dr. Phil once, I think last fall or something, it was a while ago... and he made a comment similar to this - my name is dr. philip mcgraw m.d. - no one has EVER asked me what school I went to or what grades I got! I think that says a lot! If you pass everything you need to pass and take the nclex and pass and you become a full RN and you get through your training and move on to be a great nurse..... your grades won't matter - afterall, I think that educationally/academically - if you weren't cut out to be a nurse you wouldn't pass at all! :) I think that grades are based on a lot more than just knowledge - like someone said, how good of a test taker you are... what your current lifestyle is (can seriously impede your short term studying), etc... ::HUGS:: I think you'll do great! :)
  16. zannie

    A&P Layout...

    Thanks everyone... it seems that it goes both ways... some they coordinate and some they don't. I did try to think of them as separate classes, but it was so overwhelming b/c the lab professor seemed to teach on the premis that we'd already learned it in lecture... we'll see how the new class goes! :) :)