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  1. New OB nurse

    I start my new job tomorrow as an OB nurse. Any hints, tips or any suggestions about what I should brush up on? I have not been in ob since graduation (I graduated this year and got my RN july 14, 2004) Any help would be appreciated! I am so exci...
  2. Just wanted to say hi!

    Hi! I am a newly hired RN at a rural hospital in Kansas. I have been working there for the past month or so as a GN and just found out today that I FINALLY have my RN license. I passed my NCLEX-RN with 75 questions on the first try! I am so excite...
  3. posting resumes

    Does anyone know of a good place to search for jobs or post resumes? I am a student that will graduate in May and I am searching for a job. Any help would be appreciated! Suzanne
  4. Must have software

    Ok those of you with PDAs can you tell me what software I should get that is a "must-have"? I just got my PDA and I don't want to spend money on software that I am not going to use. I am already figuring I would get a drug book, but what else? Su...
  5. Scrubs for pinning ceremony

    Thanks I really appreciate it!! Suzanne
  6. Scrubs for pinning ceremony

    I graduate may 8 and I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for websites that sell white scrubs that might be a little more decorative than just the normal white ones. We are wearing white, but some people last year had some scrubs with ...
  7. It finally hit me today (m)

    I don't know why today other than the fact that I have been on the psych floor for the past three weeks and not on a regular floor, but it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I AM GOING TO BE AN RN IN A YEAR! One year from now I will be an RN and it j...
  8. starting those dang IVs I haven't quite gotten yet. I tried 3 times today on patients (3 different patients) and still didn't get it. I sure hope that I get the hang of it. Oh well like they said it just takes practice. Suzanne
  9. I passed Nursing 2!! Yay!

    I just took my nursing final and I got a 86% on it, which gives me an 84% in the class! YAY! 1 more year to go and I am an RN! Next semester we are doing IVs.....yikes. But we are also doing OB rotation! YAY! Suzanne
  10. Is it worth it?

    I am finishing up my first year in may. I have absolutely nothing to do all summer as far as classes go, but I don't want to stop learning. Any suggestions? Any magazines that I should subscribe to? Any musts? I am eventually wanting to be a midw...
  11. Careplan help

    Does anyone have any good resources for careplans? If so, I'd appreciate them. Suzanne
  12. I'm IN!!! but in need of some advice

    Go for it! I was pregnant last semester. Granted I had my baby over christmas break, but you can do it! Just make sure that you have a good babysitter that will take your baby when it is only a couple of days old. You won't be able to miss much n...
  13. Any teen/young mothers?

    I am 23 yo, will be 24 on the 20th. I have 3 children, a 7 yo girl, 2yo boy and a 5 week old boy and I am in my 2nd semester of nursing! It can be done!! Good Luck! Suzanne
  14. Cardiac test

    Any online websites that will help me study for my cardiac test? Thanks Suzanne
  15. I think we got it worked out. My mom took in the legs and we are leaving the waist even though it is big because then I can wear them for awhile. I feel a lot better about it. I don't feel like they are so huge any more Thanks again Suzanne