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  1. crnasomeday

    How did nursing ever "buy into" 12-hr shifts???

    I work 12 hour nights, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I absolutely love my 12s. I've got a husband who works 4-10 hour days/evenings and three young children at home, and it's just a lot easier on me to be able to get all my time done in 3 shifts. The kids end up having to be in child care much less often (only an average of 2-3 hours weekly) than they would if I had to work five 8 hour shifts every week. It is true that by the end of my 3rd night in a row, I am just exhausted, but I don't have to be scheduled for all my nights in a row like that. It just works out nicely for me and my family.
  2. crnasomeday

    Atheist Professers

    I love that Cheerfuldoer!! I'm going to put that on my locker at work.
  3. crnasomeday

    anybody fail in 75 questions?

    rn2binmay. . .I was praying for some math questions. . .lol. But alas, I didn't have a single one. The vast majority of my questions were on prioritizing care of several clients and appropriate room assignments and discharges of all things.
  4. crnasomeday

    anybody fail in 75 questions?

    Thanks everybody!! Such a relief to know now. MelissaCT, the nature of this kind of testing is really bizarre, and I am actually thinking about writing a letter to the board of nursing just to let them know my opinion about it. See, it's not about the number of questions you can get right. Everybody who takes the test generally ends up getting approximately 50% of the questions right because what they are looking for is the level of difficulty at which you can answer questions right about 50% of the time. That's why the test is set up to give you questions based on your previous answers. If you answer a question correctly, your next question will be a more difficult one, and if you answer incorrectly, your next question will be an easier one. When they find the level at which you can answer about 50% of the questions right, that level is compared to the acceptable passing level. I found this information from a link on the Missouri Board of Nursing web site. If I can locate the site again, I'll send you the URL. It's a strange way of doing things, I think, and although I understand why they do it that way, I think it is very disheartening to test-takers to know that they are having to guess at so many questions. It really undermines a person's confidence I think. Hope you hear good news soon, Melissa. Louise, RN (hehe.....that does look cool huh. . . )
  5. crnasomeday

    anybody fail in 75 questions?

    I PASSED!!!!!! Thanks all for posting on this thread. I decided on Tuesday evening that I'd just go ahead and give that 900 number a try even though my results weren't supposed to be available until Wednesday. . . but they were there! And praise God, I passed!!!!:balloons:
  6. crnasomeday

    anybody fail in 75 questions?

    Thanks everyone for your replies. It's hard to think about anything other than wondering if I passed or not right now. It's like having a horrible itch on your back that you can't quite reach to scratch, you know? It's making me nuts!
  7. crnasomeday

    anybody fail in 75 questions?

    I know all the factual stuff about how you can't tell if you've passed or failed the NCLEX by the number of questions, but I'm just curious if anybody knows anyone who's failed with 75 questions. I took boards on Saturday, and I'm going to be a nervous wreck until I can call on Wednesday to find out if I passed or not. So far, everyone I've talked to who has taken 75 questions has passed. What do you all think?
  8. crnasomeday

    Fear of Needles

    Where I went to school we did not practice skills on one another, other than assessments, but I know that in some other schools this is common practice. Regardless, you have the right to refuse to let someone practice a skill on you if you are uncomfortable with it, no matter what the instructor may try to tell you. If it appeared that a refusal would effect your grade, I would definitely take that to a higher source. You absolutely do not have to submit to being poked with needles if you do not want to.
  9. crnasomeday

    Nursing school hellions!

    I totally agree with what you were saying Channa about the patient in sickle cell crisis and pain. I hate it when other people want to judge someone else's pain. Man that infuriates me! Now as far as stupid things said by classmates....there is one that really stands out in my mind. You know how the term bolus is used to describe the ball formed when you chew food before you swallow it? Well, when I was in pharmacology, the instructor said something about giving a bolus of some particular drug and this student next to me asked me after class "Why do we want to give the patient a wad of chewed up food?" LOL! I was just floored, and really wanted to slap this guy silly. That was just one of the many, many stupid things this guy said and did. He didn't make it through the nursing program, Thank God, cause he really frightened me!
  10. crnasomeday

    Good Grades=Bad Nurse?

    I totally agree with what everyone else is saying, and especially liked StudentSandra's comments. It's irritating to hear from everyone else how the A you worked hard to get doesn't really matter, but it would be especially disturbing to be hearing that from an instructor. And I would definitely have to employ some critical thinking there as PhantomRN said and ask, "Just exactly where do you get that research?" because I would want to see it before I believe it. I was an A student, even graduated suma cum laude, but I know that I am not lacking in bedside manner. I really care about my patients, and I work hard to let them know that I care and they matter to me. What an entire crock!
  11. crnasomeday

    Happy Happy Joy Joy

    Hi there Channa! I hope we do get to meet too. That would be neat. I'm taking boards in MO. I thought about doing it in IL and applying for reciprocity too, but I was just concerned that the time would exceed 90 days and I'd get knocked back down to a PCA. Plus, IL makes you go get your fingerprints taken at a designated place that costs you $60, and for MO you can just have them done at the police station which is free, and I'm all about free stuff. :) I just can't wait for everything to get rolling, you know? We're buying our first home too, and I'm really exceptionally excited about that. Congrats to you Channa!!
  12. crnasomeday

    Happy Happy Joy Joy

    Well congrats to you meownsmile!! It feels so weird, doesn't it? I mean, getting close to the end and knowing you won't be a student anymore? Trippy :)
  13. crnasomeday

    Happy Happy Joy Joy

    OMG....I am so done!! I am just having the best week now. I had my induction to a couple honor societies and got an award from Sigma Theta Tau which was just a huge thrill to me, finished my finals on Monday, ended my undergrad career with a 3.91 overall, and I'm graduating in just a couple more days. Yay, Yay, Yay! It has been an awesome week, and what's been even better is that I've had nothing that I have to do for the past couple of days. No studying, or reading, or clinicals, or anything, so I've been able to do some fun things with my kids. I just love that part the most! We went to the zoo today, and had a great time, and Sunday I get to have a mother-daughter day with my wonderful little girl (we're going for pizza and to the arcade :roll ). It just feels so weird (and so totally great) to be done now! On Monday I start as a GN too! YAY. . . Congratulations to all the grads!!!!
  14. crnasomeday

    N-Clex Passing Rates???

    HPlayboyU, I can understand how you must feel with your school having a lower passing rate. When I first started at the school I attend, they had excellent pass rates. Then, just when I was finishing up all my prereqs and beginning in the nursing program, they had two semesters of less than 75% pass rates. That put them on probation with the state and a lot of us were really upset about that. I mean it's embarrassing, you know. Changes were made to our curriculum though that seem to have worked out very well. Our last class to have all taken the NCLEX had a 100% pass rate, and our class that graduated in December has a 100% pass rate so far, though not all have taken it yet, so I'm very thrilled with that. I can understand what you're trying to say too, RN2BNC. Another thing to consider is this: I live right on the border of two states, Illinois and Misourri. Most of the graduates from my school go to work in hospitals on the Misourri side of the river even though our school is in Illinois. Those of us that go work on the Misourri side take our NCLEX in Misourri. This, unfortunately, screws up our school's pass rates because only the statistics from Illinois NCLEX testers get counted.
  15. Everyone is right to say that grades are not all that matters, however, and this may sound awful, caring and compassion and understanding are not all that matters either. The most caring and loving person with the best bedside manner is not necessarily going to be a good nurse. For that you need a mixture of the appropriate knowledge and the appropriate attitude of caring.
  16. crnasomeday

    Student Nurses Association - need help!

    What a familiar situation! I'm currently the SNA secretary at my school, and just like the situation you described, we have no one to run for officers for the next academic year. I think personally that SNA at my school has finally met its demise. It's been a long time coming though. We get so bogged down with course work and clinical time that no one has time to devote to SNA activities, and I can totally understand. I've seen past officers who have gone in with good GPAs (you have to have at least a 3.0 to be an officer) end up flunking classes during their time as officers because they just ended up with too much on their plate. It's a lot to deal with, and we also haven't had much support from our classmates. . .not that I blame them, however, because we all have soooooo much to do, and too little time in which to do it.