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This thread is intended to provide information to nurses that may want to visit North Carolina and would like to know where to go. Please take a moment to share with us why your part of the State is the best.

For me, I think Asheville is a beautiful community. For one, the people make the community wonderful. There is a sence of honesty here and the people are down to earth and very real. The mountains offer a lot of outside recreational time. If you like being outside, there is hiking, camping, boating and a host of other great activities.

I would be wrong if I did not talk alittle about all the wonderful festivals that take place here in Western North Carolina. There is music, crafts, great food and lots of fun.

Let's hear what makes your part of North Carolina special for visitors.


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RNPATL I'm seriously considering a move to Asheville when I complete nursing school. I love the mountains and the whole lifestyle. I've been looking at real estate on line just to get an idea. Any suggestions on towns that are close in to Asheville where you can still get a decent home with a bit of land (for peace and privacy) at fair prices? I love where I'm at now but it's 11% unemployment and an hour commute to a hospital. Any guidance is appreciated.

Maggie in NC

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Not to steal any thunder from Pat or Asheville

Just a thought...

You may want to look even further west then Asheville- Franklin, Sylvia, Hayeville, Murphy. Franklin and Sylvia are nice towns with good hospitals. Lots of people live in Murphy/Hayesville (VERY RURAL) and do 3 12s in Atlanta with free room/board and gas cost (courtesy of the hospital) making very good money. Some work in the several rural hospitals around the area but, they don't make as much $. Just a thought.


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Thanks Maggie. I really appreciate the info and will look into those areas you mentioned.


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Hi, I'm new to this fourm. I'm an RN with 1 yr LND experience. Anyone have input in this area in Asheville. I'm starting my search so anything helps. Looking for professional and community info. My family is looking for good schools and older, charming neighborhoods. Thanks in advance, J.


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I live in "Mayberry" It is very pretty here, just a little boring. Great food all around though.

Maggie in NC

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Hi, I'm new to this fourm. I'm an RN with 1 yr LND experience. Anyone have input in this area in Asheville. I'm starting my search so anything helps. Looking for professional and community info. My family is looking for good schools and older, charming neighborhoods. Thanks in advance, J.

Take a look at Beaverdam or Biltmore Forest. Those are 2 pretty, established, charming neighborhoods with good schools. I'll warn you, there isn't anything inexpensive about either neighborhood.


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Thanks for the info guys. My husband was nearby this week on business so he went to check out your suggestions. Anyone working at the hospitals there and have input? J.


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If you love peace and tranquility, but fun within reach you would love Mitchell county. We are about an hour from Asheville and around forty minutes to Johnson City Tenn according to the area of the county you reside. We are close to Linville Gorge off the parkway, which offers camping, hiking, summer picnics and we are close to white water rafting. There are several gem mines (mineral city)- overall outdoor lovers dream come true! We are also home to Penland school of arts with many local artist in our area-with area artist that have work in the Smithsonian! Winter is great for snowlovers- snow skiing, tubing, skating. However, the great thing about here is if you don't want to be out and about in all the above you can hang out at home and ENJOY peace, quiet and a breathtaking landscape all around. We have two small local hospitals or you can drive to bigger areas (Asheville for instance). I think it is a place everyone should at least visit once in their life.I LOVE it here (can't you tell :) )


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OT: mhull, my husband & I were married at Mt Airy fiddlers convention 6 yrs ago. :) He's a fiddle player & he's been going there for years. He's won the fiddle contest a bunch of times. I look forward to it all year!

Back on topic: Western NC property values are going up up up, esp around Asheville. However, cost of living and property in the "far western" counties (Cherokee, Graham, Swain, Macon, Jackson) are both quite affordable. Jackson county is only about an hour from Mission hospitals in Asheville, and it has a little bit of culture & professionalism with Western Carolina Univ. I work there at Harris Regional Hospital. I'm very happy with it. It's a really small community hospital: small but very family friendly L&D, ortho/GI surgeries but no heart stuff. Ditto what maggie in nc said--I know several nurses who live in Jackson or Swain Co and work in Atlanta and make smurfloads of money, way more than the $17/hr new grad base pay around here.

Also nearby:

I love western NC. It is a great place to live and it is so beautiful here.

Rebecca, that NC-lovin porterwoman


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Another NC lover here :p

What could be better than living just hours from either the mountains or the beach?!? Great weather, beautiful scenery, friendly place around as far as I'm concerned.

Just don't try to feed me NC bbq LOL


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Hi there all. I am currently residing in Rancho Cucamonga California. If you did not know housing out here is rough the average home in nearly 400k. I decided that it is time to move back to the south. I remember living in N. Carolina when I was stationed at Ft Bragg and loved it. I am a RN with 5+ experience in NICU. What is the average rate for RNs? Money is not an issue I am just curious. I would love to buy a home and live the quiet life if anyone has any tips or ideas pls share. :)

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