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RNPATL has 23 years experience as a DNP, RN and specializes in Nursing Education.

Experienced RN focused on educating the next generation of nurse leaders and educators in a DNP program.

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    "Caring behaviors"

    We do evaluate our students on their caring behavior, but these characteristics are listed in the student nurse handbook and referenced in the course syllabus. I would have to agree with you that objectively evaluating "caring" behaviors without a cl...

    Med-Surg Roll Call

    Congratulations on securing a position that provides you with a period of transition. Embrace this time and use this opportunity to learn a great deal about time management, becoming a part of the team, critical reasoning and developing skills. All n...

    About productive hours per patient day?

    Sorry for the delay in response. If you are interested in defining your variance to hours assigned, simply multiply the hours you ran for the 24 hour period by your total census. If you ran 6.28 hours and your census was 24 patients, this means you ...

    About productive hours per patient day?

    Great! I am glad to see that this thread is still helpful to nurse managers even today! As far as assessment is concerned, I have always gone with the premise that your policy should speak to how your hospital or unit assesses patients. For example...

    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    I really just discovered this thread and am so sad to read some of these stories. New nurses need to be embraced by our profession and given really and true opportunities to transition to practice so they can realize the difference they make in the l...

    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    RossayRN - cut yourself some slack here. If you consider the amount of learning that takes place during your first year of nursing, let alone during your entire career as an RN, then you will see you are doing just fine. I know this post was in Nove...

    Capella University - PhD Nursing Education

    Hi All - great to see where this discussion thread has gone over the past year. I did enroll with Capella in the DNP program (launched in October of 2010). The program is strong and has a great time investment, but worth it. I am moving on to my s...

    Capella University vs. Walden

    I think you raise some very good questions here. Attending an accredited program is very important as you move up the educational ranks. Accreditation speaks to the quality of the program and also demonstrates the commitment of the university to sch...

    Where should a nursing instructor begin?

    First of all bravo on wanting to be a nurse educator. We need as many as we can get. For me, when I first began my educational journey to teach - there were little resources and very few people really knew what direction I should take. Thanks to se...
  10. RNPATL

    Walden University

    While I understand your concern here - I think online programs in nursing are well accepted by the nursing community. Walden University has a very solid reputation of being a research based organization of higher learning that is focused on global c...
  11. First - congratulations on your decision to return for your MSN in Nursing Education. The primary issue with graduate education is learning how to articulate your message via writing and developing skills that demonstrate your advanced knowledge in ...
  12. RNPATL

    Capella University - PhD Nursing Education

    Hi Denise - thank you for your response. My biggest question was more about the program and how you liked what you were learning. I also was curious about the class room format - whether it was easy to navigate and find things. I am planning on star...
  13. RNPATL

    Walden University MSN - Education students

    Hi Shari, First - congratulations on your progress in the program. The 7 classes will go pretty quickly. I remember when I was at that stage and thinking I would never get this done. But the time does pass and all of the sudden you are completing you...
  14. RNPATL

    Capella University - PhD Nursing Education

    Hi Catherine - thanks for your post. Tell me what sold you on the program? I looks like a wonderful program and after speaking with some of the folks at Capella - it sounded like a good match for me. But I learned that they don't really employ many...
  15. RNPATL

    Capella University - PhD Nursing Education

    How are you doing? I see that you are now an APN ... did you go back and get your post masters certification? I have been exploring that route as well - but kind of hanging out not really sure what to do next. I know I need the doctorate, but I re...