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Nursing Education and Critical Care.
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RNPATL is a MSN, RN and specializes in Nursing Education and Critical Care..

I am a full time nursing faculty member at the local university in the ADN program. I am also a doctoral student with a research focus on e-Mentoring and technology as a means to improve patient outcomes.

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    "Caring behaviors"

    We do evaluate our students on their caring behavior, but these characteristics are listed in the student nurse handbook and referenced in the course syllabus. I would have to agree with you that objectively evaluating "caring" behaviors without a clear definition of what these behaviors might be can prove challenging and if, by chance, you were to fail a student in clinical, based on "caring" behaviors - you are right - no leg to stand on in appeal. I might suggest that you use the current CET you have as a framework for the development of one that fits your ADN program better. Or, if you like the tool, provide an addendum to your handbook that defines caring behaviors so students are aware of how they will be evaluated in clinical.

    Med-Surg Roll Call

    Congratulations on securing a position that provides you with a period of transition. Embrace this time and use this opportunity to learn a great deal about time management, becoming a part of the team, critical reasoning and developing skills. All new graduates face many of the same challenges you face. You are skilled and you will soon be able to apply the knowledge you gained from school in you work environment. Just be patient with yourself. When you go home after a shift, use your text book to look up information about the certain types of diagnosis that you have cared for during your shift. This will help familiarize you with the nursing care. There are many theories on how new graduates transition into practice and most call for a period of time where the new grad is paired with a more experienced nurse. Ask lots of questions, take a look at the experienced nurses you work with and see how they practice and how they function. Many will be great role models for you. Always remember .... RN practice is autonomous practice, so this means that regardless of how you are oriented ... you are responsible for your practice and for doing the right things for your patients. Congrats on your first position and best wishes for a smooth transition to nursing.
  3. Just wondering how many out there are DNP students and what school you are going too. Also - with this thread - it would be great to share your capstone project focus. I am attending Capella University's DNP program. The program started in October of 2010. My capstone project is focused on mentoring of new graduate registered nurses entering into practice through the use of technology. I look forward to seeing this thread grow and get to know those who are currently working on their DNP. I suspect we are a small group, but there has been tremendous growth in DNP programs over the last year. Thanks! Patrick

    Capella University - PhD Nursing Education

    Hi All - great to see where this discussion thread has gone over the past year. I did enroll with Capella in the DNP program (launched in October of 2010). The program is strong and has a great time investment, but worth it. I am moving on to my second quarter in a 10 quarter program. If you want to know anything - give me a shout.

    Capella University vs. Walden

    I think you raise some very good questions here. Attending an accredited program is very important as you move up the educational ranks. Accreditation speaks to the quality of the program and also demonstrates the commitment of the university to scholarship and to adherence to a set of acceptable standards. Both universities you have listed here are great. I am an alumni of Walden University. I earned my MSN at WaldenU. I am currently a DNP student at Capella. Capella University is working on their CCNE accreditation for the DNP program right now. Take your time selecting the program you want and make sure the University is a good fit for yourself. Are you looking for a Masters program in Nursing or Doctorate? Best Wishes! Patrick

    Capella University - PhD Nursing Education

    Hi Denise - thank you for your response. My biggest question was more about the program and how you liked what you were learning. I also was curious about the class room format - whether it was easy to navigate and find things. I am planning on starting with Capella either in January or March of 2010. Thanks for your response and best of luck with the completion of your doctorate. Patrick

    Capella University - PhD Nursing Education

    Hi Catherine - thanks for your post. Tell me what sold you on the program? I looks like a wonderful program and after speaking with some of the folks at Capella - it sounded like a good match for me. But I learned that they don't really employ many of their graduates and this concerned me. I know that many other colleges employ their graduates - so perhaps this is not really an issue. I do like their program though and it seems very doable.

    Capella University - PhD Nursing Education

    How are you doing? I see that you are now an APN ... did you go back and get your post masters certification? I have been exploring that route as well - but kind of hanging out not really sure what to do next. I know I need the doctorate, but I really would prefer a practice doctorate even though I am in education. I would like to balance both education and clinical. I hope to find something that fits me soon. Great ot hear from you and I hope all is well. Patrick

    Capella University - PhD Nursing Education

    No I really have not, but I will now that you mentioned it. I know from past reviews - they did not offer a PhD in Nuring Education, but I will take a new look. Thanks!
  10. I will agree with several of the other posts. I think I would add that there needs to be student engagement in the class. While I agree that this is college and the material needs to be learned, by the students in the class, I do believe that there is a need to help make the material somewhat interesting and provide detailed information on the concepts (such as acid/base) that can be difficult to conceptualize. You mention several times that you have a couple class members that have previous degrees at the masters and doctoral level. This is really irrelevant. Nursing school is unlike any other education you will receive at any point in your life. You are being prepared to take a national licensure examination that covers an amazing amount of information. In addition, the test is designed to target your weakness. Understanding the material for each class is the total responsibility of the studnet. Mostly because the student will be the one taking the NCLEX - not the instructor. I think my overall suggestion would be to make sure you are reading the chapters prior to your lecture. Highlight the concepts that you do not understand so you can target these in class with questions. If the instructor does not proviede you with the information necessary in class to understand the concept, make an appointment with her to go over the concepts that are difficult. I think meeting with her and telling her that her lectures are to fast will do little to solve the issue. Remember - she is required to cover a lot of material in a short semester. Best wishes and I hope it all works out for you.
  11. RNPATL

    Walden University MSN - Education students

    I agree ... I have never been very fond of group projects with distance learning.
  12. RNPATL

    Walden University MSN - Education students

    No - during my MSN there were no group projects required. All projects and assignments were student centered and did not require group involvement.
  13. RNPATL

    Walden University MSN - Education students

    I just graduated from the MSN - Nursing Education program with Walden University. It was a wonderful program and I learned a great deal. The program is truly great for those nurses that plan on teaching. The nursing speciality courses taught me a great deal about adult learning principles, student-centered learning theory and how to be a better, more informed nurse educator. It took me three years to finish, but you can finish the program in 2 years if you don't take any time off. I found the faculty to be great and the responsiveness of the university to be very good. Best wishes and I am sure you will really enjoy your time with Walden.
  14. I am still looking for a program that I feel is a good match for me. I have been looking at Capella, but I also would like something that is ground based and somewhat local to me in North Carolina. Best of luck in your application.
  15. RNPATL

    Capella University - PhD Nursing Education

    Thank you for the link - the program really looks wonderful. Would not work for me because of the required residencies, but overall a very strong PhD program. Thanks again.
  16. RNPATL

    Capella University - PhD Nursing Education

    Thank you. Please post more information or a link.

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