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  1. Hey! I did A&P separately but had several nursing students in my class. It's doable but you have to really budget your time. The nurses in our class had some clinicals out of the local area and that caused conflicts with study time as well as test times-on several occassions. Remember, A&P is ALOT of memory recall so if you have time to study at your weekend job-use it!! Good luck!
  2. Maggie in NC

    3 Sciences in 1 Semester????

    All three of those classes require a great deal of study time. If you're disciplined, you could probably do it. Would I suggest it? No. Could I survive it with passing grades? Probably not with grades that made me feel good.
  3. Maggie in NC

    **Fri., July 15 FALL STARTERS**

    First rotation is in the LTC attached to the local hospital. I did my CNA certification there last year and it just bummed me out. Oh well, gotta take the good with the bad!
  4. Maggie in NC

    Decisions. decisions

    Another thought: See if the nursing program has evening classes. You're going to be pulling your hair out but you can get everything you want accomplished! Good luck! And, GOD BLESS YOU, cuz I would have to have MASSIVE XANAX if I had 17-25 6th graders around me 5 days a week.:rotfl:
  5. Maggie in NC

    **Fri., July 15 FALL STARTERS**

    RE: Missing orientation. I missed orientation at my school because they CALLED my house and said, "There's a meeting Friday at the school regarding the nursing program." I work out of town this summer making $$ for school. I couldn't go. IF she would have said, "ORIENTATION IS FRIDAY", I wouldn't have missed the "meeting". They did let me make it up (along with several others) because there appeared to be a communication break down-go figure.
  6. Maggie in NC


    I bought the Dell Axim X50v because it's a pocket PC, not just an organizer. I love the WiFi connection and the ability to store an extra 2 Gigs of whatever I need. I also bought the car adapter and the wireless keyboard so I can use it in class. Why did I pick a Dell? There are more software options with a Windows based platform than with Palm OS software. Another feature I love? Agilemobile software. What is it? A chat program that allows chat with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ. I love it because when I don't have the answers-someone on my chat list will!!:) I got if off Ebay for at least $200 less than the Dell site-brand new, in the box! Couldn't be happier!
  7. Maggie in NC

    White Uniform Pants

    My friend wears nude Spanx that come to her knee under hers. She says they are good for support and keeping the coverage limited!
  8. My intent was to show the many cards these people are trying to play to get nurses to join "their cause." The sooner PEOPLE (not just nurses) realize that they can make change without literally paying for it in the form of dues, the better. If anyone really thinks a union creates positive change, they need to look in the mirror because PEOPLE make change, unions make a profit off of what PEOPLE accomplish.
  9. So...if you have an RN (ADN) would getting a Bachlor's Healthcare Admin really get you any where? Just wondering...
  10. Maggie in NC

    **Thurs., July 14 FALL 2005**

    I am working in telecom in a temporary position making more money than I'll probably ever make in nursing but...I HATE IT. Have you ever been so over something you just couldn't deal? I've traded in my love for techno for nursing. I can't WAIT. Crazy huh?
  11. Maggie in NC

    Anyone thinking about med-school?

    I haven't thought about med school but I have thought about P.A. school. Just seems as rewarding with better hours than an N.P. Any thoughts regarding my perception are welcome!
  12. Maggie in NC

    Stethoscope Questions... Please Help!

    The Master may be overkill but, if you have a problem hearing sounds with others talking around you the Master is THE TICKET! Our class even bought our instructor one for Christmas because she commented on how much easier it was to use! Another selling point was the warranty. Check out the warranty before deciding. As far as stealing, trust me, if you spend $145 on a steth, you aren't going to let it walk. I have mine tagged X2!
  13. Maggie in NC

    attiitudes on caring for Chronic pain patient

    I watched my mother die from one of the most painful cancers, bone cancer. She could not move, someone hitting the bed would send her into shocking pain, and riding in a car was excrusiating. Nothing short of a morphine drip eased her pain. (It also gave her hallucinations). A year later, I went had breast cancer. I hurt like I have never hurt before. I was honest with my doctor. The first few days, I begged for something, then asked to be taken off but realized I still hurt. He said, "Do you really hurt or is it something else?" I realized, I hurt at night and I couldn't sleep. When I told him this, he gave me something to help me sleep at night. When I was working in ICU last year, I had a patient constantly complain of pain after a very serious surgery. The nurse I was working with really opened my eyes when he said always assess the patient not the condition. It's not for the nurse to decide how much someone else feels pain, it is however, a nurses job to assess the patient by asking the right questions (like my doctor did), let the doctor know of the assessment, and let the doctor prescribe. If the doctor feels it's warranted based on your assessment, give it.
  14. We have a cosmotology school at our community college-they give discounts (20%!!) on all haircare products like shampoo, curling irons, and color kits to students. We're talking HIGH END products! See if your school has some deals like that and let us know!
  15. Maggie in NC

    **Thurs., July 14 FALL 2005**

    I gave my notice too! I'm so outta here on Aug 1. I can't wait to spend the month of Aug with my daughter. School starts Aug 22. I'm starting to freak-even though I bought a PDA and I've been playing with it to get a good feel for how it can help me during school. I tried to buy my books but they weren't available yet. Waiting patiently on the edge of my chair....