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porterwoman has 8 years experience and specializes in ABMT.

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  1. porterwoman

    What is/was your job going through grad school?

    I work inpatient, 3 12s a week, but I've saved up my PTO so I'm on a paid leave of absence during a big chunk of my final semester. Highly recommend doing that if you can.
  2. porterwoman

    Should i become a nurse practioner or wait?

    zenman, may I pm you too? I would really appreciate tips on utilizing my bedside time while in NP school. I'm in the 3rd semester of my adult/gero NP program. Thank you, and sorry to highjack the thread, Rebecca
  3. porterwoman

    Best online RN-BSN: WCU, ECU, or W-SS.

    I had a great experience with WCU. Well organized, very dedicated professors. I recommend.
  4. porterwoman

    Screening Hospitals/Critical Care Units

    When you tour the unit, ask to speak to some preceptors & charge nurses. Ask how long they've been working there & how long they've been nurses. I think it's telling if a unit has nurses taking leadership positions with relatively little experience. I mean, it's good to promote leadership in your staff, but not before they have some experience.
  5. porterwoman

    Is there a difference between a cordis and TLC?

    I was taught that MAC stood for multiple access catheter; 4 or 5 lumens, as opposed to the standard 3. A cordis line could fall under that category, I suppose, since it has multiple lumens, but not all MACs are cordises.
  6. porterwoman

    What area of nursing did you work in before becoming a NP?

    zenman, your presence in this world lights up my life & inspires me more than you will ever know. Namaste!
  7. porterwoman

    Could this be an ARPN thread?

    Thank you for the new forums, moderators/allnurses staff.
  8. porterwoman

    Awake, alert, oriented & non ventilated...on ECMO??

  9. How about burn ICUs? Don't they usually have a 1:1 or even 2:1 ratio with all the constant dsg changes & fluid shifts & drips & pain management & stuff? No experience in burns, so I'm only going by what I've heard. Anyone have burns experience?
  10. porterwoman

    Hepatic encephalopathy

    Benzos just simply stick around longer in a liver failure pt than in a pt with a normal liver. Gotta do what you gotta do; just important to be aware that the benzos can build up & suddenly a wild encephalopathic pt becomes a barely breathing barely rousable pt. Ooops! Something I've seen lately that may be interesting to your unofficial study group--in addition to (or sometimes instead of) lactulose, I'm seeing pts receive rifaxamin to treat hepatic encephalopathy, with some good results. Rifaxamin is normally used to treat e. coli diarrhea. That may be the antibiotic you are referring to, nminodob. Lactulose is more effective via NG tube, so that's generally the preferred way to give it. Unfortunately, if the pt has esophageal varices, the NG may not be an option--although, unless they've been recently banded, you supposedly can safely put down an NGT. Rectal just doesn't do as well, but, again, you do what you gotta do, or what you CAN do. Good for you for trying to learn more! Best of luck.
  11. porterwoman

    Baptism by Fire!!

    Let 'em poop their brains out, just so they don't poop their rectal tubes out.... ...on clean linens... ...for the third time...
  12. porterwoman

    Ever Killed Someone?

    Yes! Yes yes yes. Well said, roser13. What I see as taboo is the notion that nurses kill people. Nurses don't kill people as part of our professional lives. We do make mistakes. We do miss important clues that a patient is declining. But we don't kill people. Death and dying are part and parcel of a nurse's life. Killing people is illegal, immoral, highly distasteful. Big difference, as I see it.
  13. porterwoman

    The Dichotomy That is Nursing

    You articulated the exact thought I had driving home from work this AM, poop & all. Yup.