So Proud


Just got reinstated yesterday. Don't give up people and always believe in yourself... My new motto: "Don't look back cause your not going that way"


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huge congrats!! love the motto!

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Beautifully done!! Congratulations! Keep keeping us posted on your adventures.

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That's great! Keep up the good work moving forward :)


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So love that little icon makes me smile. I do have 5 more months of monitoring but I got this.. Whoop Whoop...

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I am thrilled for you, Tigerboy1 !

:anpom: I hope you keep us informed on how it's going. There is a really good, supportive bunch here who have the scars to show we have earned our wisdom.

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WooHoo, tigerboy1!!! Congratulations and thank you for the motto. Once again, evidence that recovery will give you skills that everyone needs and that make the world a better place for everone. Well done.


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Wooohooo! Congrats!


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Thank you everyone. I feel like I just graduated from college with my new nursing degree. A new life a new beginning. I wish all this joy to each and everyone of you. My son said he is more proud of me now than when he watched me take that walk for my diploma..

That is so awesome, Tigerboy1! I'm 5 months away from possibly being reinstated. I feel like I'm working hard for nothing sometimes. Reading things like this gives me hope and inspiration. Recovery takes a lot of work; along with the hoops to jump thru for the board. Huge Congratulations to you! ?


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I know exactly what your feeling. OMG 5 months away that's huge.. My target date got set back one month before I was done because of a missed check-in that was also a test they pushed me back 4 months, thought I was going to die seriously. Then my hearing was pushed out 2 months after my year of compliance. But you know what I hung in there, like my Son said no one can take this away from you. Don't make any mistakes and stay in touch with your CM regarding your compliance and your actual end date. Keep records and request your hearing on the day of completion. You have to be your own advocate. I still have 4 months of monitoring but I had a great interview and told the whole truth and I just got a call today for a second interview.. You got this..