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  1. Tigerboy1

    Calling it quits after 17 years....

    Wow what a story.. Can't help but wonder why u were so close and didn't report your script??? Maybe it is your calling to do something else.
  2. Tigerboy1

    so hard to keep positive

    My issue was not drugs a DUI got me in trouble for 2 years. Someone did take the time to hear my story and she appreciated my complete honesty. She followed up by checking public records and everything I told her was there for her to see.. I was hired.. I can't imagine having narc restrictions I'm sure just like me someone will eventually believe in you.. Best of luck.
  3. Tigerboy1

    Feeling down

    Unfortunately even if your license was reinstated lets say on probation for 5 years I feel you would have a very difficult time finding a job with a felony.. So happy your clean and wish you much luck..
  4. Tigerboy1

    I LOVE IPN!!! for i am a success story!

    LTC certainly isn't for everyone but once you've mastered the demands of that job you can work anywhere. Those poor old folks need caring efficient nurses at the end of their life,they deserve it.. BTW for all of the addicts on here wonder why LTC is so forgiving? Answer is because there is such a desperate need so they take a chance with you. Be grateful.. And "hate" is not a nice word, I'm just sayin...
  5. Tigerboy1

    Who will hire someone like me?

    I kinda agree with the lawyer it worked for me...
  6. Tigerboy1

    So Proud

    I once asked my CM "Do people really get out of this program" Ha she's probably really sick of me by now out of 400 clients she knows me by my first name.. Wouldn't want her job for anything. Wish me luck with this job please I really don't have to look much further right now down to my last penny.. I'll get back to surgery one day but for now this job is 2 miles from my house and I used to work with these folks 10 years ago kind of ironic.. Hang in there it's your destiny.
  7. Tigerboy1

    So Proud

    I understand. I'm actually grateful for the entire experience. I so needed a life style change. I will always be grateful. From now on I intend to protect everything that is important to me and that dam sure includes my nursing license. Best of luck to everyone seriously...
  8. Tigerboy1

    So Proud

    I know exactly what your feeling. OMG 5 months away that's huge.. My target date got set back one month before I was done because of a missed check-in that was also a test they pushed me back 4 months, thought I was going to die seriously. Then my hearing was pushed out 2 months after my year of compliance. But you know what I hung in there, like my Son said no one can take this away from you. Don't make any mistakes and stay in touch with your CM regarding your compliance and your actual end date. Keep records and request your hearing on the day of completion. You have to be your own advocate. I still have 4 months of monitoring but I had a great interview and told the whole truth and I just got a call today for a second interview.. You got this..
  9. Tigerboy1

    So Proud

    Thank you everyone. I feel like I just graduated from college with my new nursing degree. A new life a new beginning. I wish all this joy to each and everyone of you. My son said he is more proud of me now than when he watched me take that walk for my diploma..
  10. Tigerboy1


    And so it begins.. You say it was only one mistake but dear it was a big one. Expect at least 5 years of monitoring at least that's what the state of Indiana would give you. It will be a long journey for you get support and dig down deep into your sole and forgive yourself. My DUI in 2011 has changed my life forever; but I did come out on top.. Best Wishes...
  11. Tigerboy1

    So Proud

    So love that little icon makes me smile. I do have 5 more months of monitoring but I got this.. Whoop Whoop...
  12. Tigerboy1

    So Proud

    Just got reinstated yesterday. Don't give up people and always believe in yourself... My new motto: "Don't look back cause your not going that way"
  13. Tigerboy1

    Alcohol screening?

    What does it matter to you about the "type" of testing they use. Your social drinking will get you busted. Since you don't know when your test will pop up its a dangerous game to play. Curiosity in this forum doesn't fly well.
  14. Tigerboy1

    Nurses Who Are Being Tested for Alcohol

    Definitely expect Etg testing. I've read at least 90 hours from your last drink..
  15. Tigerboy1

    Is anyone willing to hire a nurse w/ stipulations???

    Why do you have a narcotic restriction if your addiction issue was alcohol ??
  16. Tigerboy1

    So worried about jobs

    Just tell them your simply looking for a change. LTC however is incredibly stressful, lots of admissions, huge med pass, working short staffed, but if you can work in LTC you can work anywhere. Good Luck!!