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I ran a small jewelry business, went to school, worked as a lawyer, now reaching the high point of my working life by becoming a nurse.

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  1. Should I resign and drop out of school?

    Worrying is praying for something you don't want. You don't say the effect on your resident. Howe badly was he hurt? What did you do in response? Hopefully you took appropriate action to care for your resident after the accident. Admit you made a mi...
  2. Really need help with electrolytes and fluids

    There will be other more critical problems long before the bones are involved! Calcium blocks sodium channels and inhibits depolarization of nerve and muscle fibers; low calcium levels lower the threshold for depolarization. Remember the symptoms wit...
  3. It all sounds very exhausting and challenging! I think the "mommy misses you" gifts are an amazing idea. Please give yourself credit instead of beating yourself up about "could have done better". We all could always do better. Prayers for a speedy an...
  4. Thank you so much! This really helps, especially knowing that delirium aka confusion is not a psych diagnosis. Valuable info on the benzos! My source for that WAS kind of old.
  5. Nursing Diagnosis conflict help!

    Thank you for this, Been there, done that! I don't think things have changed much.
  6. I think the delirium is primarily the result of overmedication. She was given 50% more oxy than her max dose. She was given 4 times the recommended daily dose of Ativan for someone over age 65. Benzos are second or third-line treatments for delirium...
  7. What do you think about Risk for Trauma for one of the medical nursing diagnoses?
  8. Do you NEED a study group to get through nursing school?

    No, you don't. I got the same pressure from instructors about how I need a study group. You need to find what works for you and what is the most efficient use of your time. Sounds as if you are doing well. Maybe keep trying to find people to review w...
  9. Okay, maybe I posted in the wrong space so I'm trying here. Okay, I am really stuck on writing a paper. We need to use the nursing process to develop and create care plans for one "psychological" nursing diagnosis and two "medical" nursing diagnoses....
  10. This sounds really, really stressful! So sorry you are getting off to this rough beginning. It does not sound like you don't want to be a nurse. It DOES sound like you don't want to be a nursing student and in that you are not alone! Hope your daught...
  11. Cholecystectomy with Delirium Case Study

    I will post to myself. I am going with acute delirium for my psych diagnosis even though it isn't listed in our required psych text book as a psych diagnosis. Dare to use common sense! Now on to the next diagnosis. Still would be great to have commen...
  12. Not Criminally Responsible

    It might be useful to research the different legal standards for mens rea (guilty mind) in criminal law. (A crime is a guilty act + a guilty mind.) Then you could compare the results with different psych conditions based on how the defining character...
  13. Okay, I am really stuck on writing a paper. We need to use the nursing process to develop and create care plans for one "psychological" nursing diagnosis and two "medical" nursing diagnoses. Patient is a 74 year-old obese female admitted for an op...
  14. Would You Report Me for This?

    Still... if I were a family member and I observed a practice directed at another resident, I might have concerns for my family member. And I'm not so sure I want to live in a world where I would blow off a potential harm to someone who was not a fami...