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  1. Junebug903

    What do you think of 12 hour shifts

    Yes, 8 hour shifts are better for accomplishing more things in the daytime, BUT I feel like all I do is work. At the same time, 12 hours shifts make me feel like I work, sleep, then do it all over again. However, its only for a few days a week versus what feels like every damn day. I actually do 8 hour shifts, but often do 12s if a night shift nurse can do the same. I don't mind it.
  2. Junebug903

    Ivy Tech Spring 2018 Hopefuls

    I finally got an email from school today! I am going to Greencastle!
  3. Junebug903

    Ivy Tech Spring 2018 Hopefuls

    I did look up the classes for the Spring 2018 view only for Greencastle. Does anyone know if we are supposed to take Pharm the first semester or does it matter? Asking because, the 2 definite first semester courses have a time that is the same as the pharm course. I can't believe orientation happens so closely to the semester start! I am a big planner and that kills me!
  4. Junebug903

    Ivy Tech Spring 2018 Hopefuls

    Me and a girl from work got accepted to the LPN-ASN at Greencastle!! I'm so excited! NOW, I wonder how long it will be until Orientation, etc!
  5. Junebug903

    Ivy Tech Spring 2018 Hopefuls

    I applied to Greencastle, Terre Haute, and Anderson for the Spring 2018 LPN to ASN program start. I have 121 points...
  6. Junebug903

    Weight loss for nurses

    I am 80lbs overweight. I take multiple antidepressants. I want to lose weight and be more comfortable in clothes, but I also really enjoy the foods that I'm not supposed to.
  7. Junebug903

    Washing scrubs?

    I have found the same problem. Or the smell starts once I get overheated at work. Spray and Wash pits after work each time and leave to work until you do laundry. It helps.
  8. Junebug903

    Finally Leaving Nursing...For Good!

    Good for you! Love your well thought out and put together vent!
  9. Junebug903

    I want to quit first RN job after a few weeks.

    Very standard situation in a nursing home. Pill pushes and documentation...not much of anything else and when you do, it throws of your whole routine. It takes times to get things together and figure out how to manage it all. I have been doing it for 10 years and I still get anxious at work sometimes. The job isn't "hard", but it can be very stressful and overwhelming. Good luck...if you stick with it, you will be just fine...eventually :)
  10. Junebug903

    getting hired in a hospital with an associates degree?

    How much do you make and what speciality? Thanks!
  11. Junebug903

    What classes are you taking? Fall 2016

    I am taking A&P2...I bought a coloring book and colored pencils too. I am excited, but dreading it!! I would full-time and its a lot of studying. I work 3-11 and I am so tired all the time already.
  12. Junebug903

    Nurses with eating disorders?

    I am technically obese, but look overweight. I am a binge eater, nocturnal eater, and sleep after I eat a lot. That is how I keep my weight on. Plus, with weight and poor nutrition I don't have the energy to make sure I prepare my food for work.
  13. Junebug903

    Assessment every shift?

    Upon admission, we do 72 hour complete assessment charting, then medicare charting on either 7-3 or 3-11 shift.
  14. Junebug903

    Can a nurse get in trouble if....

    Trach can also be LTC...depends on residents abilities and care plan.